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Mike White happy to come home and play quarterback for Miami Dolphins

A South Florida native, Mike White says culture Miami Dolphins are building lured him home.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins inked their backup quarterback last week when they signed former New York Jets sometimes backup, sometimes starting signal caller, Mike White to a two year deal. White flashed quality play during his time with the Jets and was a favorite among his teammates. For those reasons, he was zeroed in on as the perfect guy to backup Dolphins starter, Tua Tagovailoa.

But why did Mike White choose to play for the Miami Dolphins?

During a morning introductory press conference Wednesday, White explained his decision making process when choosing to sign with Miami.

“I grew up a big Dolphins fan. We watched every Sunday. I was still a Dolphins fan back in college... My favorite player growing up was Wes Welker. It was pretty cool to meet him when I signed. I’m a big Ronnie Brown fan... That was my first jersey I bought.”

On Mike McDaniel’s offensive system:

“One of the pluses of coming to Miami is it’s the same system. I’m sure there’s different verbiage and things like that, but down to its core, it’s the same system. It will definitely be easier than learning a new offense.”

On his role as a backup:

“As any backup quarterback in the NFL, you have to be ready when called up. You just got to stay ready. Luckily I got the opportunity to play [while with the Jets] and had some success... This is a very talented roster and they had a lot of success last season that we can build upon. As far as my role as a backup, it’s to support the guy. Tua had an unbelievable season.”

On Braxton Berrios and Dan Feeney leaving the Jets to also come to the Dolphins:

“I told Chris Grier when I talked to him that they are such good locker room guys... Seems to me, on the outside looking in on this team, you can tell it’s a close knit group and they are building a good culture. Braxton and Dan will fit right in with the culture being built.”

White also discussed how a couple of other teams were interested in his services this offseason, but that Miami was always at the top of his wish list. Living in Tampa during the offseason, he wanted to stay close to home for his two young daughters. White was also happy to stay in the AFC East division.

(Thanks to @OmarKelly, @schadjoe and @DavidFurones_ on Twitter for quotes for this article.)