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Are the Miami Dolphins the most improved team this off-season?

Miami Dolphins Introduce Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

It’s hard for some Miami Dolphins fans to believe but much of the national media has been talking about the team this offseason in a positive way. Last season was a bit of both with the media praising the Dolphins for their play on the field and then criticizing the organization for things that were out of their control for the most part. Either way, here we are preparing for the 2023 season and the media has recently had mostly positive things to say about the team. Some of the media seem to love the direction the team is headed, and the additions both to the coaching staff and on the roster.

Not only is Vic Fangio expected to improve the defense but many of the players on both sides of the ball are expected by some to have breakout seasons in 2023. Additionally, if Tua Tagovailoa stays healthy the offense is expected to take another step forward after a full season in the system. Due to all of the moves made and the positive outlooks many outlets and media talking heads have the Dolphins as either the most improved team in the NFL or on the list with the Bears often bumping the Phins to second.

Miami as a team made it to the playoffs and then put up a fight without their starting quarterback in an away game. That alone should have given the fan base a lot of hope for the 2023 season. The key additions as well as re-signings to the team, especially on defense should give the fans even more hope, but how much?

So tonight’s question is do you think the Miami Dolphins are the most improved team in the NFL up to this point this offseason or do you believe that title goes to another NFL team?

Please give us your answer and thoughts in the comments section below-