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Phinsider faithful’s take on the recent Dolphins signings that should not have happened

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

This past week I asked the question, who was the most underrated player signed by the Miami Dolphins thus far? I followed it up the next night with the question, who was the most overrated player signed by the Dolphins thus far? Below are some of the comments by our own faithful reader and their take on some of the signings up until that point.

Miami235 seems to have mixed feelings about the Dolphins deciding to return the same group of runningbacks from last season.

Bringing back the entire RB corps may not be the right answer, for many reasons. There is a case to be made for resigning, which they chose to do. However, you can make just as many reasons not too, if you take 5 minutes to think about it.

tvegas897 didn’t like the signing of White as much as others and points out some QBs that might be better with at least one signing for less $ than White.

Probably Mike White. I see Cooper Rush came back to the Cowboys for less money. He was 5-1 in starts last year and played very well. Minshew was better too but just signed as well. White throws a lot of picks.

daytonadolfan is taking a wait-and-see approach to the entire thing.

Honestly, I can’t find a lot of fault in any of the moves made so far but training camp and pre-season will see who stays and who goes, until then I’m not getting my boxers in a bunch over players that may not even stick.

Yarganaught like daytonadolfan is waiting to see how things pan out for each of the signings once they have to actually play.

Nothing specific sticks out to me as a bad deal. Will Needham bounce back quickly? Is Mostert going to decline and be headed for the old folks home? Is Ramsey going to flourish in our new Defensive scheme? Is Tua’s 5th-year option a year too many? Too soon to tell if any of those will feast or famine, and hopefully won’t impact the team too hard if they did.

Alpha6 is concerned with the re-signing of Nik Needham due to his injury and if he will ever fully recover from it.

The re-signing of fan favorite Nik Needham. The guy is not coming back as he once was from last year. He may not make it out of camp due to the injury he sustained. Marino was never the same (mobile), Byron may need a walking cane. So... time will tell... so will the workouts... could get released as early as June.

72Phins4ever is more concerned with some of Alpha’s “connections” than Phins signings. Makes sense!

I think Johnny’s connection to monkeys is highly overrated.

SuperG! is pretty happy with the signing overall but still does not understand bringing Gaskin back.

I’m going to say none of the were overrated because I can see reasoning behind every signing. The only one that was a head scratcher was Gaskins, but the contract is so cheap. Even if he doesn’t make the final 53 cut, it won’t amount to much dead cap.

Robert Burstein like SuperG! is not super siked about bringing Gaskin back but is also out on Mostert due to his age.

Overrated signings... I am going to go with Mostert & Gaskins. First, I don’t think Gaskins will make the 53 man roster. Second, I don’t think Mostert can or will repeat his performance last year. He had his best season at 30yrs old and will now be 31 during the season. I don’t see him having a big role for 17 games. I think the injuries will haunt him this season.

finfanfromsiam aka Clark Griswold just plain can’t think of any.

Evening! Cant think of any..........

Well it seems as if overall most of the site is feeling good about the vast majority of the signings except maybe bringing back Gaskin. Thank you to everyone for sharing their thoughts.

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