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The Phinsider weighs in on the Miami Dolphins signings thus far

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This past week saw the Miami Dolphins trade for, sign, re-sign, and even put in a waiver claim on a bevy of new or returning players. Miami entered the offseason with only 43 players on the roster and now has a total of 61 players under contract. Miami still has four picks in the 2023 NFL draft due to occur at the end of April but I would expect the team to continue to sign more players between then and now and likely releasing or trading away a few others.

Following the biggest rush of players being signed, I asked the question three nights ago, which of the new players or re-signed players to the roster did you think were the most underrated of the signings Miami had made? Below are some of the site member's comments and takes on what the Dolphins' front office has done up to this point to prepare for the 2023 season.

DolphinDollar didn’t really answer the question but still seems upset that Grier took Tua over another QB that now resides in Cali and would like some more protection for our starter all the same.

Dear Chris Grier, I know it’s been a while since you have seen him play, but that carton of eggs we have for a quarterback you chose over Herbert named Temporarily Un Available will need protection so can you please stop focusing on shiny bright things, and sign a couple of linemen. Please forgive me but I have lost all confidence in your drafting them. Thanks, Concerned Fan

Thomas23059 likes the team retaining Gaskin and points out that perhaps the team is looking to make him a third-down back due to his ability to catch passes out of the backfield even if he doesn't have a lot of wow factor in his running game.

Which transaction is the most underrated? I am going to go with resigning Gaskin. No, no, I am serious, and maybe only a little crazy. First off, let’s look at Gaskin’s 2022 season. He had 14 total touches and only appeared in 4 games. In 2021 he had 222 touches. And for that huge drop-off, did he complain? Not one word that I heard. I, like just about everyone else, figured he was done in Miami. And here he is. This tells me the coaches must like something about him. Maybe they think they can transform his game. Here is something to think about. Raheem Mostert has played 75 games and has 67 career receptions. Jeff Wilson has played 53 games and has 57 receptions. Myles Gaskin has played 38 games and has 101 receptions. Because the rushing numbers for Gaskin were so bad (career 3.8 ypc) we forget that he had 49 receptions in 2021 (for an admittedly poor 4.8 ypc) and a pretty nice 41 receptions on only 47 targets in 2020 at 9.5 yards per reception. It may be that Gaskin can carve out a 3rd down-back role in this offense. Someone who can look for the blitz and then catch a short pass and try to make something happen. There is a good chance he doesn’t make it out of camp. But maybe he can surprise us. I can’t help but pull for a guy who does the work and keeps his mouth shut when things aren’t going well for him.

popmaster likes the former U wideout returning to south Florida for his return abilities.

I think Berrios returning punts and kicks, and as a part-time slot receiver in this Offense will be an asset.

Blaze453 likes the return of Nik Needham who started to flash before his injury.

My man Need is resign for less than 2 million a year before he got hurt. He was a top-10 slot corner.

Orchids_of_Asia_VIP didn’t seem to understand the question I guess (but still might have the best screen name on the site) and has the opposite opinion that Blaze453 had on the same player.

We didn’t need him but we re-signed Needham.

Dolfanjoe wants to see two of our defensive line players extended.

When they resign Wilkens and his linemate Seiler, that's when we will have made the best off-season pickups!

Lightning G0KU really likes the signing of our new linebacker.

It seems obvious by now... David Long Jr LB

EJPLAYA is with Lightning on the David Long signing.

David Long. If we can get a tackling MLber in there to not miss tackles like we did all last season we will get off the field on 3rd down a ton more. He appears to be a specialist in that very thing.

SlayerNation1 is happy about the team hiring a new defensive coordinator. Also, I assume he is a huge fan of Slayer.

Launching Boyer … and his red Sharpie. That transaction can’t be overstated or overrated.

72Phins4ever is happy that the team is releasing a cornerback that can no longer run. Seems like a sound decision for any team.

Releasing Byron Jones.

Bill Moody likes the all-in approach that the Phins front office seems to have with hopes of soon emulating the LA Rams.

Has to be restructuring Chubb, Armstead, and Hill to make cap space... The ownership/management sees their window of opportunity, and they are seizing the moment. This really feels like an all-in push, for the next couple of seasons and I hope it pans out for us as it did for the Rams.

So it seems as if the fan base is in general happy with most of the signings while I think everyone still wants more/higher-level offensive line help.

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