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Which Miami Dolphins Transaction Thus Far Is Overrated?

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Just as the team has done over the previous few days the Miami Dolphins continued to build out their 2023 roster today with even more additions. It seems as if all the holes that needed to be filled minus perhaps another solid TE that can catch like Gesicki and also block as well as an upgrade to the offensive line and some depth at various positions, have been filled. In many cases, fans and some media members would have preferred player A over player B who we actually signed to a new deal. Personally, I am not sure why this team is so averse to spending on the offensive line but this has been an issue for what seems like forever, but that’s a whole other post for us to discuss our disgust at another time.

So following the underrated signings post last evening, tonight we flip the script. Which of the additions to the roster that you have seen thus far do you think is being overrated by either our fellow fans or the media or in some cases both? Maybe you just don’t think the player is any good and certainly is no upgrade over what we previously ran out there. Maybe your question is about giving a deal to a guy that’s good but injury prone. Perhaps you believe the player is getting to that age where players at that position just sort of fall off the cliff as far as their ability to still physically play the game at a high level. Whatever the reason we want to know who and why!

Please give us your thoughts in the comments section below on the player whose addition to the Miami Dolphins roster you think is being overrated and why-

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