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Dolphins free agents 2023: Closer look at David Long Jr.

The Miami Dolphins added free agent linebacker David Long, Jr., to improve the middle of their defense. To get a better idea of who Miami is getting in Long, we turned to Music City Miracles.

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have been busy to start the 2023 NFL free agency period, making trades and signing players. The team is looking to move from a playoff-qualifying team into a team that can make a run and is among the contenders for a Super Bowl championship. One of the key moves Miami made early in the free agency period saw the team agree to terms with former Tennessee Titans linebacker David Long, Jr.

Long provides the Dolphins with an inside linebacker to play next to Jerome Baker in Miami’s 3-4 defensive system. But, what exactly are the Dolphins getting in Long, and why was he available on the free agency market this year? Jimmy Morris, editor-in-chief of Music City Miracles, SB Nation’s Titans team site, took some time to provide a closer look at Long.

Morris started with a look at Long’s strengths, saying, “He’s an off-the-ball linebacker that is really versatile. He can hold up against the run and is good in coverage against tight ends. Go back and watch the play he made on the goal line to secure the Titans’ win against the Commanders in 2022. He made a great play to save that win.”

Turning to Long’s weaknesses, as well as why he was available, Morris explained, “His biggest weakness and the reason he was available is because of the soft tissue injuries he has had the last couple of years. Mike Vrabel even brought him up as an example of those injuries unprompted when the Titans were introducing their new GM.”

Morris continued, “With all of that being said, I was shocked when I saw the number that he signed for with the Dolphins. I really thought the reason he wouldn’t be back in Tennessee was that some team would make him a contract offer the Titans didn’t want to match. It’s a great signing for Miami.”

Finally, Morris looked toward how Miami could used Morris this season. He stated, “I would use him as an every-down linebacker and assign him to cover tight ends on passing downs.”

What do you think of Miami’s addition of Long?