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Which Miami Dolphins Transaction Thus Far Is Underrated?

Washington Commanders v Detroit Lions Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

In the last few days, our Miami Dolphins have made a lot of moves to fill out the 2023 roster. There was a big trade and then several signing of free agents, both ours and others. There has also been, up to this point, one waiver claim. The team has addressed a lot of the holes on the roster with some still needing to be filled or upgraded. There will be more moves to come even before the draft/signing of undrafted free agents.

Tonight's question is not what else we will do or should do to sure up the rest of the roster but out of the signings/trade/waiver claim which is the transaction that you think is the most UNDERRATED or UNDER THE RADAR of all the players that the Dolphins have acquired in the last few days? There is always a guy that not everyone knows as they are not a household name but that does not mean that they won’t ball out at their next stop.

Please give us your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to tell us why and please add any additional information that your fellow Phins fans may not be aware of.

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