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Miami Runs It Back With Top 3 RB’s from 2022 Season

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Every Miami Dolphins fan knew that the team was set to go into the 2023 league year with no running backs on the roster and as such would have to address the position in free agency and/or the draft. It now seems as if the team thought the best move that they could make was to resign their own free agents and top three backs from last season. Grier kicked off the party last Friday by re-signing Salvon Ahmed. And then three days went by and nothing but a lot of fans throwing around a lot of speculation. There were rumors that they would like one or both of their other top two RBs back but also were rumored to have looked into trading one of the very top-tier NFL backs that were known to be on the trading block. In the end, they chose to re-up their own free agents singing both Jeff Wilson Jr and Raheem Mostert to two-year deals.

The team still needs to pick up at least one more back and probably will do so via free agency, targeting someone that they see as a bargain or waiting for the draft. We might even see a few signed after the draft as UDFA’s and you never know what gem you will find there that was otherwise overlooked for one reason or another.

So tonight’s question is are you happy to see the three top backs from the Dolphins last season return to the team or would you have rather seen them swing for the fences with one of the bigger names that were available via trade? Perhaps you would have liked to see them use their top pick on the best back available (unlikely to happen now unless someone falls a long way). Whatever your choice would have been let us know if you are happy or unhappy with bringing back our own and why and if not which direction should the team have gone in instead?

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