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What is the next biggest hole for the Miami Dolphins to fill?

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Going into this offseason every Miami Dolphins fan was well aware that the team had some obvious holes on the roster that needed to be filled. With cornerback Byron Jones being informed that he will be cut and designated a post-June 1st cut the position of cornerback was even more of an obvious need. Of course, even before the announced future cut of Jones his claiming on Twitter that he could not even run or jump at this point, after a full year off due to an injury, told us everything that we needed to know. At that point, the cut of Jones that most Phins fans had already assumed was coming this offseason was all but solidified even before the team announced his very near future departure.

Then out of nowhere, like with most things Miami Dolphins, boom, a trade for a star corner for what seems like a bargain to say the least. Jalen Ramsey was rated the ninth-best player in the NFL last year in the ratings of the top 100 players. It’s not often that you can get a top 25 player for a third and a backup tight end let alone a top ten guy so big props to Grier. I now assume that the team will have to restructure his current deal so that his currently scheduled 17 million dollar cap hit does not clean out almost two-thirds of the space that the team had created in the last week.

Now that one of the biggest needs has been addressed, and I say that assuming that they will still look at the position in the draft if the right guy falls to them, what becomes the biggest need that you would like to see the team address in a free agency first? Running back is obviously on that list of needs as is linebacker and at least in the fan's minds (but seemingly not Grier’s) offensive linemen. We also cannot forget the position of backup quarterback unless you believe that, as some do, Skylar can get it done at a much cheaper cost.

So tell us, what is the position that you would like to see Grier go after next in free agency? Additionally, let us know who they should pursue to fill that role in your opinion!

Please give us your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below-

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