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Which Miami Dolphins Player(s) Did The Phinsider Faithful Despise The Most?

Offensive linemen Jonathan Martin #71 of the Miami Dolphins
Offensive linemen Jonathan Martin #71 of the Miami Dolphins
Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images

A couple of days back I asked the simple question, who is the former or current player for our Miami Dolphins that you dislike or despise the most? The Phinsider faithful did not disappoint including players and even coaches. Some names came up repeatedly with most being no surprise although there were some surprising names and some even more surprising reasoning, but it’s you, the readers, and faithful followers of the site's post. Below are some of the comments from that post.

Alpha6 went back a way but I will confess that I myself remember this pick very well.

GOOD EVENING folks. The #1 Miami Dolphins Draft Bust (and my hatred) of All Time is... Eric Kumerow, who was a 1988 1st-round pick, was 16th overall. For all of his strengths, there’s one thing Don Shula was not. A good drafter. The Eric Kumerow selection highlights this fact. I remember the Miami Herald’s headline the next day after the Dolphins selected Kumerow was... “Who???” No one, and I mean no one, considered this big-for-nothing Ohio State linebacker a first-round pick. Saw him in pre-season games. The guy was Peter Griffin lost. Good Lawd. And based on his NFL career, we see what a steaming pile of dog shit the guy was. Kumerow spent three seasons in the league with the Dolphins before fading into obscurity - never... ever! having started an NFL game.

Bill Moody points out a player that has always bothered me. Hate to see someone with natural talent and ability throw it away due to just stupid reasons. Or maybe I’m wrong and he was a dud all along that needed PEDs to be able to play at anything that resembles a high level.

Player - Dion Jordan - Dude was drafted with a #3 overall pick, and then couldn’t get out of his own way by getting suspended. Never lived up to his billing even when on the field, and ok that happens, but when you’re getting suspended for PEDs 3 times and then failing a physical after being reinstated you just suck. I’ll let the first violation slide, but if he didn’t learn his lesson after that, then screw him. Total waste of a premium pick. Coach - Nick Saban. Couldn’t cut it as an NFL coach and left the team high and dry mid-season. So screw him too.

daytonadolfan doesn’t like the peacock/diva/arrogant type of player and no position has more divas over the years than wide receiver.

Good evening, Mike Wallace, arrogant shit-talker, Brandon Marshall is a close second, both just rubbed me the wrong way. Both are talented, just self-serving pricks.

Spok507 is still unhappy about some QB selection issues this team had even though he was one of many. Geeze we have suffered for so long...

Most disliked player? Jay Fiedler. Probably by no fault of his own, but he’s the guy Waanstadt decided was ‘just as good’ as Drew Brees — before Brees had ever even thrown an NFL pass — and went on to prove how wrong a coach could be. Of course, Waanstadt — who is top of my list of worst coaches ever (just behind Satan) — claims it was his OC Chan Gailey who decided not to draft Brees. Sure, Dave. Whatever. If we add coaches to the question, Jimmy Johnson, who drove Dan Marino out in an effort to remake the Fins in his image but still couldn’t make the Dolphin fans forget about Shula and Marino, and then handed the reins to his buddy Waanstadt who managed to drive the franchise into the ground come a close second to Satan who slinked out of town after publicly proclaiming he was sticking with the Dolphins. His excuse was they passed over Brees again for Culpepper, but I think he just couldn’t handle coaching actual men and preferred the power he had coaching boys. Now I can add Flores for being such a pain in the butt and making up things just for revenge instead of being an adult and moving on.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 had a fair number of issues with certain players.

THE SERIOUS DISHONOURABLE MENTIONS: Dion Jordan: Flushed his professional career down the toilet and screwed us out of a lot of draft capital. Hurts all the more knowing that current Eagles RT Lane Johnson was right there for the taking after we traded up to #3... Johnathan Martin: The guy was obviously not cut out for pro football, whether he knew it or not before turning pro. Too bad the rest of us had to find out until after we wasted a second-round pick on him. Richie Incognito: I guess I have to be fair and include this tool if I’m going to include ‘Mamas Boy’ Martin. It seems like he must have been on Martin’s case for whatever reason and never backed off. Decent enough player for us when he wasn’t under suspension and forced off the team. Minka Fitzpatrick: Great talent, piss-poor attitude. Had the talent to play the multiple positions he was asked to but apparently, this didn’t satisfy his ego. We could have been a lot better team moving forward with him on D possessing the right attitude. Instead, we basically got Austin Jackson from the draft in return... OUCH! Jamar Fletcher: Dolphins 1st round pick CB during the Wannstedt regime. After a year or two he wound up in DW’s doghouse for a good while due to slack play and questionable injury time off. Eventually, he got put on IR with a broken arm or elbow. When asked if JM’s absence would hurt the team DW repeatedly replied: “Not one bit!” That was the last he played with Miami though he would play another 5 years in the league. Apparently not the finest example of a team player for us at least. FUNNY DISHONOURABLE MENTIONS: Uewe von Shauman: (80s Kicker) For having the craziest name of any Dolphins player. (might be wrong spelling, but close enough....) Thurman Thomas: For all the years he was a Dolphin killer, instead of a Dolphin! Trent Sherfield: Responsible for the worst (though funniest) safety our team has ever taken (ie: the “Butt Punt”) Jason Taylor: For electing to wear the nauseating green of the NYJ!! (Actually, that’s not so funny!) Dan Marino: Obviously for never winning a friggin Superbowl!!!!

KingYak6 was short and to the point and his choice was the one player that I thought everyone would mention.

Jonathan Martin

edwinpena really didn't like ole “Smokin' Jay”!

For me, it’s got to be Jay Cutler. I bet everyone in that locker room wanted to punch his lights out. He cared zippo and was the “anti-leader” at QB, even, where one is most needed. I bet he called Ross after every game to make sure his $ got deposited into his account that same day or night. What a POS and waste. The number # 2 spot for me was Dion Jordan. That pick hurt the team for years forward. As far as coaches, Nick Satan and Cam Moron are at the top. Two gems!

herbert pollack managed to solidify his choice long before the player ever hit the NFL.

Easy. Jay Fiedler. I am a year older, played against him in a summer basketball tourney, he was dirty on the court. His dad coached Springfield Gardens HS, they were in our conference. They won the NYC PSAL championship my junior year, we played them pretty tight both times. I roomed with their PG at a 5-star basketball camp the next summer. When we played them the following fall I went over to say hello, hug, etc and he yelled at me to get back to my side. When we played them at their school (blizzard that day), our coach was running late and he said to me (I was captain) you’re 15 minutes are up get your 5 on the court. They preceded to blow us out and he kept the pedal all the way to the floor the entire game.

mike mars has a list of dislikes and a list of guys that we should have selected instead.

Jay Cutler, Eddie Moore, John Avery, Yatil Greene, Jamar Fletcher, Eric Kumerow, and Ricki Williams for a waste of a career and who chose dope of football? Special Mention to Ted Ginn and the family. Instead of drafting 6 of the above, could have had Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne, Thurman Thomas or Randle McDaniel, or Randy Moss(traded down) Not drafting Ted Ginn could have got us one of 3 HOFs or 1 of a bevy of superstars. Coaches; Fail forward Philbin, and Dope Ross gave him an extension, CamerMoron (1 and 15),

Tpross09 highlights a couple of players. I will defend one of these choices based on the reasons he gave, Green, who came in as a great player and then had several injuries on one play on the first day of training camp. Injuries that he could never fully recover from and which no GM can predict. In just three seasons he had ten surgeries on just one knee.

The crux is - do you hate the player or the decision-maker that authored the pick? For me, the players are Yatl green or Jackie Ship. Both were first-round busts. Sorry, but I’d make a better GM than even our current GM if given the chance. You don’t solely draft on potential in the 1st round - you have to see it on production and college tape. So my most hated is the owner for pushing his desire over sound football judgment.

Yarganaught is still upset with Wanny!

Dave Pornstache... And his predictable playbook of “Run, Run, Pass, Punt”. I feel like the team took a turn for the worse when he took over, and it took a decade to see the end.

Luvs2drnk2.0 makes me wonder what's different from version 1.0 but does point out another disappointing player.

Gotta be Sammie Smith. One of the worst RB to ever be in a Dolphins jersey, and that’s saying something when compared to Lawrence Phillips and Cecil Collins.

EJPLAYA dislikes a bust from the past as well as a current player for a much different reason.

Going to have to go with Dion Jordan. No effort whatsoever. Second, for me would be X. Holding this team hostage over that renegotiated contract doesn’t sit well with me. Especially since he has been a bum the majority of the time after that.

72Phins4ever points out some past disappointments.

The first player that came to mind was Cecil “The Deisel” Collins. He could have been a complete stud RB behind Dan but he preferred being a thug. However, he takes a back seat to the original “Karen” on this team. Johnathan Martin. Our Oline suffered for many years after his BS.

dolphinfan1323 chimed in to defend a former head coach.

As far as coaches I see Joe Philbin getting hate he wasn’t a good coach but wasn’t a bad guy the guy lost his kid during the time the Miami dolphins are interviewing him and was hoping he would have success. The only coach Miami has had that I feel was actually really dirty and character issues was Brian Flores

CJT13 points out another disappointment except for that one game against the New York Jets where he took two kickoffs to the house and almost a third but was beyond inconsistent.

Ted Ginn definitely is my most hated. Stone hands and always ran out of bounds too early on punt and kick returns. Drove me crazy!

So that’s just a few of the comments from that post which was one of the best we have had so far as total responses to a question. Some of these were obvious to me and some were head scratchers but that’s what makes for good debates so thank you to everyone.

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