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Who do the Phinsider faithful want to back up Tua Tagovailoa in 2023?

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Earlier in the week I asked the question, who do you want to see backing up Tua Tagovailoa in 2023? There’s a long list of decent backup-level quarterback that is set to hit free agency. Some will re-sign where they are and others might actually get a starting job for at least a season or so. But there will still be plenty of quality arms out there to help fill out our roster. Here’s what some of our faithful had to say on the subject-

Dr.Greenthumb was short and direct. While Brady is off the table now (we think) Jimmy G makes a long of sense given the McDaniel connection but he might be looking for a starting gig.

Jimmy G or….. Brady

SuperG! gave us a bit more options and some solid ones!

Realistic options at FA QBs who would be willing to come here on a contract the Dolphins can afford. Darnold, Mayfield, Keenum, Dalton, White, Heinecke, Henne, and Minshew. I doubt we can pay him, but if we can get Cooper Rush, then sign him up.

Bill Moody also added some solid options but I personally believe that moving Skylar to the PS would expose him to being signed away which is more likely to happen than not IMHO.

Minchew, Mullens, Bethard... All should be pretty cheap options, and then we can move Skylar to the practice squad. Or develop Skylar as the backup and grab some free agent for the league minimum. What we shouldn’t do is break the bank on the backup QB position. We have other places that need upgrading... especially along the O-Line and RB positions to help keep our QB protected and supported.

EJPLAYA is back with one name.

Andy Dalton

TheRoo1 also wants to keep Skylar but I don’t see the PS as a place where you can stash that guy. He will be poached the day we place him on there IMO.

My thought would be to keep Skylar, but there needs to be someone else out there, if nothing else than to act as the defenses practice QB. If you cant get the stache, then decide, does Skylar become that practice QB, and you get The Stache, if his price isn’t astronomical, followed by Dalton and maybe Flaccid. If you want to truly develop Skylar, then take an UDFA or a qb who will accept vet minimu m.

twinssdfan is on the Mayfield train that I might have to join!

Baker Mayfield if the Fins find a way to afford him, MM can make him better.

CaliFins believes that some “backups” might come to Miami seeing an opportunity given Tua’s injury history. He might be onto something!

We should be able to have our pick of the best free agents. Back/ups don’t want to be back-ups and no QB has more health questions than Tua. So any backup that wants to be a starter for a contender would be dumb not to come to Miami. That would be my pitch. You want to show you can start? Come to Miami. Is there a chance Tua is healthy all year? Yeah, but history doesn’t support it, so we should have QBs clamoring to get to the Fins. As far as what we have, retain Tua and Skylar. Skylar is a good 3rd string development project and Bridgewater for lack of better words just sucks.

Shula’sShadow coming with some solid choices!

Minshew, Darnold, Mayfield in that Order. Because Tua will prob miss at a minimum 5 games and high side 8 you need essentially a top backup and a third stringer like Thompson.. It is what it is Dolphins will probably have another up and down season which will be both fun and frustrating all in one. If the Defense and running game improve possibly the backups can actually win some games!!!!!!!!!!!

Miami’s Jester with some more solid choices!

Cooper Rush or Gardner Minshew 100%. Skyler is a really cheap #3 that seems like you have to have these days.

Seems like we had a lot of agreement on the various choices out there. Most everyone wanted to keep Skyler Thompson in some capacity as well but only a couple of people seemed ready to anoint him the backup for 2023.

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