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Phinsider Faithful Split On Possible Free Agent Signings

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Last week I put up a post asking the question of which free agents you believe our Miami Dolphins should sign from other teams outside of our own massive list of free agents. The Dolphins enter the 2023 NFL year with only 44 players under contract. With more than a few of those players unlikely to make the final roster the team will have to get busy signing free agents to go along with their very short list of draft picks. Here’s what you had to say-

FishFanatic must have seen the trouble with the cap that the Dolphins are facing and proposes more of trade players for draft picks and fill holes with drafted players outside of re-signing two of our own RBs.

Save money. Draft Tanner McKee in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds. He’s a steal, given the measurables and the OL and WR corps he was playing with, and he could more than do the job if Tua is hurt, perhaps even better. McKee has a very strong arm, can run, extremely accurate (most tight window throws in college football). Trade Howard and Gesecki. Dump Jones. Get McKee, best CB, LB, TE, OT, RB available in the draft in Rnds 2 & 3 with trade capital. I think you could get a couple 2s and 3s in the trade. Bring in Bradberry, a blue chip LB and RT, perhaps bring back our top two RBs...golden.

Alpha6 proposes a couple of free agents that he would like to see signed outside of Miami re-upping some of their own.

Aside from the team’s own... On offense - San Francisco 49ers OT Mike McGlinchy. On defense - Philadelphia Eagles S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Prolly can’t do both. And could be that neither is available if they stay put. I also feel they go the draft way for an O-lineman. In which case, I see them go for a QB in FA.

Jef1651 is hoping the team does not sign any big names to a giant deal but would like to see a competent QB signed along with a couple of others.

I pray they don’t spend a ton of money on one player. Please no superstars. Lock up Gardner Minshew first. It shouldn’t be too costly and we won’t be drafting a QB (I hope). Dalton Risner and David Long Jr. should be next.

Rich McQuillen2 is another on the save money train knowing our cap woes entering the new league year.

They have no money. Clear some money before targeting anyone. And resigning existing players is a priority before signing anyone new.

CaliFins has some ideas for both sides of the ball but wants the Phins to stay away from one high-profile RB.

For defense at CB I would say Bradberry or Jones. If we are talking LB I would say Jones or David and talking offense I would go after Fant to cover Tua’s blind side and give a solid bookend opposite Armstead. Dolphins please stay away from Barkley! Can you imagine how much sitting on the edge of your seat you will be doing all year with Tua as our starter and Barkley carrying the ball? By the end of the season Dolphans will be setting Guinness Records for holding breath.

72Phins4ever is fond of a couple of Bulldogs in the draft.

Especially with limited draft picks this year our FA will be decided a lot by who we draft. What if at pick 51 the Georgia RT and TE are available? Tough choice, likely fill the other position in FA.

Blaze453 likes to keep things really short and simple!

AVG and Need

It seems as if the fans are split on who if anyone they want in free agency from other teams. Most seem to realize the ugly cap situation and are hoping for some solid draft picks, despite having only 5, to pick up some of the slack while also saving the team money. Who would you add to the list of players above if any?

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