Chris Grier haters unite.

For all you Chris Grier haters out there who think that every draft pick he makes is something you could have done better, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE.

Tell us who you would pick in the upcoming draft. I’ll keep this article and if were all still above the sod next year or years after we can look at it and see why you should have been picking for the Dolphins all along.

Instead of bragging about your 20/20 hindsight years after the fact and how Chris Grier should have done better. You can now show us your skills set and tell all of us who the Fins should draft this year. Tell us all who is going to be good. I want to know.

The Fins have Picks #52, #78, #85 and more. Please tell me the hidden gems in this area of the draft that CG should be drafting.

In an article below about the O Line, LightningGoKU mentions Steve Auila, a guard from TCU that Tankathon ranks as the 66th best player in the draft. A good choice in the area where the Fins are selecting.

Please don’t say the Fins should be drafting Will Anderson or Bryce Young from Alabama. We all want these players but we can’t get them.

Show me your GM skills.

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