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Who Should The Dolphins Target First?

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Last night I listed our very long list of Miami Dolphins free agents and asked the question which of those players would you like to see the team sign and which do you hope they never sign again? Tonight, keeping with the free agency theme, my question is which of the upcoming free agents from other teams would you like to see the Miami Dolphins make a priority to sign during the free agency period? Try and be realistic as certain players are all but locks to remain with their current teams. Others might wish to test the waters of free agency because in football, with the toll it takes on your body, you may only get one shot at that really big contract.

Spotrac is a great site to follow all of the free agents that are available when the league year kicks off. CLICK HERE You can sort the players by various categories including position.

Please let us know who your choice is or if you wish who your choices are once free agency kicks off in the comments section below-

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