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Who is the single most important player on this current roster?

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Every team has that one player. Sure most will say the quarterback is the most important piece of any team in today's NFL but there is always that one other player that serves a more significant role. He has to be a good to great player every play, game in and game out. The guy that seems like the heart of the team. The guy whose dedication to the game and the team stands out and a guy that all the other guys follow with the way they conduct themselves on and off the field. One of the reasons I pictured Christian Wilkins is that he strikes me as one of those guys. How many guys his size go all out every play? How many guys his size will run in a full sprint fifty yards to the end-zone to celebrate a score when he is going to have to turn right around and go out and play on defense? How many guys are out there working on technique when the coaches think everyone has gone, but Wilkins is still out there by himself working, always working to be better at the game he loves?

So that brings me to the actual question. Who do you think is that guy for the Miami Dolphins? Do you think it’s Wilkins or maybe a guy like Tyreek Hill? Who’s the guy on this roster that you think helps bring it all together, as a leader both in how they practice, prepare, and then play, every day, every week, no matter what? Whos your guy?

Give us your thoughts in the comments section below-

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