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The 2022-2023 Miami Dolphins - A Statistical Breakdown

How did the Dolphins fare statistically across the league?

Miami Dolphins v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The 2022-2023 Miami Dolphins finished their season at 9-8, marking the team’s 3rd consecutive winning season. In the process, the team also managed to end a six-year playoff, sneaking into the NFL Playoffs as the #7 seed.

While there’s room to grow next season, the team made huge strides in various statistical categories this past season. Overall, the Dolphins finished Top-10 or better in ten major statistics (seven on offense, two on defense, and one on special teams) in the NFL in 2022.

Here’s a full breakdown of where the Dolphins ranked in the NFL across major statistical categories in 2022:


  • Total Offense: 6th (6,197)
  • Total Points: 11th (397)
  • Passing Yards: 4th (4,511)
  • Rushing Yards: 26th (1,686)
  • Passing Touchdowns: 5th (30)
  • Rushing Touchdowns: 27th (12)
  • Yards Per Offensive Play: 3rd (6.1)
  • 3rd-Down Percentage: 24th (36.2%)
  • 4th-Down Percentage: 9th (54.2%)
  • Red-Zone Percentage: 10th (60%)
  • Sacks Allowed: 10th (35)
  • Turnovers: 13th (21)
  • Penalties: 29th (111)


  • Total Defense: 15th (5,743)
  • Total Points Allowed: 24th (399)
  • Passing Yards Allowed: 27th (4,055)
  • Rushing Yards Allowed: 6th (1,751)
  • Passing Touchdowns Allowed: 26th (27)
  • Rushing Touchdowns Allowed: 19th (15)
  • Yards Per Offensive Play Allowed: 13th (5.3)
  • 3rd-Down Percentage: 24th (41.6%)
  • 4th-Down Percentage: 15th (48.4%)
  • Red-Zone Percentage: 23rd (59.3%)
  • Sacks: 17th (40)
  • Takeaways: 31st (14)
  • Penalties: 4th (84)

Special Teams:

  • Field Goals Made: 22nd (26/32)
  • Extra Points Made: 8th (41/44)
  • Average Punt Distance: 23rd (45.6)
  • Punts Inside 20-Yard-Line: 11th (28)

The numbers back up the eye-test, which is to say that while the Dolphins’ offense was flying high all season, their defense and special teams units simply couldn’t keep up. Regardless, Miami’s strengths and weaknesses are fairly clear at this point, and there’s plenty to build upon for next season.

What do you make of how the Dolphins were ranked statistically in 2022-2023? Which stats surprised you the most? Which ones were the most disappointing? Let us know in the comments below!