Offensive Linemen I Pray the Dolphins Acquire This Off-Season

I've debated in many circles that, "If Tua stays healthy.. the Miami Dolphins are potential Super Bowl contenders and could very well make a DEEP run into the playoffs."

Tua Tagovailoa must be coached out of this 'Superman' mentality when it comes to holding on to the football too long; under the assumption that he can still make the plays he used to make at Ewa Beach and Tuscaloosa prior to his catastrophic hip injury. That is no longer the case.

Tua must play the Quarterback position Classically: mirroring the lights of Manning, Brees, Brady, River, etc.

And if Tua transitions into playing the position stylistically this way, we must assure him solid/stout protection.

The offensive linemen I have 100% faith in at the moment consists of 40% of our current situation: Pro Bowl Left Tackle - Terron Armstead and Pro Bowl Snub Center/Left Guard - Connor Williams. All others, if it were up to me, will have to go into the 2023 season to compete to start. That group consists of Robert Hunt, Liam Eichenberg, and Austin Jackson (regardless of draft status, they have to earn it this year).

If the 2023 Miami Dolphins are to keep Uno upright, the players listed below are guys I will be adamant about acquiring if I'm Chris Grier.

#1. Kaleb McGary - Right Tackle - Atlanta Falcons (Free Agent).

It will absolutely cost whatever team that has interest in McGary big money to attain his services this off-season. But considering the upgrade at the blindside of QB1.. I am throwing the bank at this one. Kaleb is a brick house when it comes to his ability to protect his Quarterback. He reminds me of Terron Armstead when it comes to his upper body strength. Pass Rushers have trouble hands-fighting or bull-rushing McGary. He is equally talented as a run blocker, and per the nature of this Miami Dolphins' McDaniel blocking-scheme, I believe Kaleb will fit seamlessly. Here's a brief highlight of his matchup against T.J. Watt - the 2021 NFL Defensive Player of the Year:


#2. Bradley Bozeman - Center - Carolina Panthers (Free Agent).

I intentionally listed Connor Williams as a Center/Left Guard for the purpose of this potential signing. Connor's natural position is at Left Guard, and there is an obvious issue when it comes to untimely high snaps for our Quarterbacks. The importance of a good snap is essential for the precision and timing of this offense. Williams is an excellent blocker, but a poor snapper. If I'm Miami I am bringing in a guy that has familiarity with Tua (dating back to their 2017 National Championship team). Bozeman is a solid interior piece that can play a significant roll in a domino affect that could concretize the trenches. At the very least, he serves as a necessary stopgap for another potential upgrade for the 2024 season. Some sounds for what he brings to the table:

#3. Steve Avila - Interior Lineman - Texas Christian University (NFL Draft).

Since the Senior Bowl Steve Avila has been a name that has ascended into NFL talking circles when it comes to the crop of Offensive Linemen available for the 2023 NFL Draft. Avila is viewed as a Day 2 pick, and considering his versatility to play either Guard position as well as some reps at Center during his Senior Bowl week.. if I'm Miami and I clearly see that Tua is a top priority (more specifically Tua's health), I am running that card to the podium if Steve Avila lands on the 52nd pick of the draft. At 6'4" 330+ lbs. Steve is not the most athletic nor agile, but that lack of quick-twitch athleticism is balanced with Fluid Feet. He is a natural shuffler when blocking at the line-of-scrimmage, and it seems as if his eyes and hands have this magnetism when it comes to staying connected to his man. You bring a player like this in your program to force guys like Hunt and Eichenberg to get the job done or take a seat with fellow linemen like Michael Deiter. The below reflects what his bests attributes consist of:

My ideal starting offensive line for the Miami Dolphins come Week 1 of the 2023 season is:

LT - Terron Armstead

LG - Conner Williams

C - Bradley Bozeman

RG - Steve Avila

RT - Kaleb McGary

Protect Tua at all costs and run this football like Mike McDaniel has envisioned and we will be where we want to go!

Thank you Vic Fangio!!!

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