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Get to Know The Phinsider | Jake Mendel Edition

Jake Mendel joins me in today’s column!

We’re back for round two of Get to Know The Phinsider and today I’m (virtually) sitting down with my buddy, one half of the defunct Jake and Josh Show, Mr. Jake Mendel! Jake, along with Joshua Houtz, was kind enough to allow me to be a part of the Jake and Josh Show for the final year of its run, so I needed to repay the favor by making he and Houtz my first two interviewees in this column! Fair trade?

It’s the offseason, so I figured it would be the perfect time to roll out a new column on here entitled Get to Know The Phinsider — a column designed to educate you on the writers beyond the words they provide for your reading enjoyment each week.

We bring you all the hottest Dolphins news, but who are we as actual real-life human beings? Well, you’re about to find out!


Where do you live?

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the birthplace of baseball! We have Wahconah Park, which is just one of only a few ballparks that face west. Outside of that, it’s just a small little city that has seen better days.

When and how did you become a fan of the Miami Dolphins?

I received a Dolphins’ jersey every year for Christmas throughout elementary school because my dad liked the team. Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Ricky Williams, and then Junior Seau — it was hard to not be a fan.

What is your best Dolphins memory?

November 2nd, 2014 — my first game at Hard Rock Stadium. I left speechless as the Dolphins torched the San Diego Chargers 37-0. It was a great game and just part of a great day. It was also my dad’s first game at the stadium and after it was over, we went to the Heat game that night too. I couldn’t believe we had enough time to get there! Funny enough, we had the same taxi driver going to the Dolphins and the Heat game — what are the odds of that?!

What is your worst Dolphins memory?

Don’t blame me, you asked...

When did you start writing for The Phinsider?


What do you enjoy most about writing for The Phinsider?

I’ve blogged about the Dolphins since 2013 and I’ll happily take any opportunity to discuss the team. The Phinsider has opened doors to a lot of great relationships.

Pick three current members of the Dolphins you’d like to have a sit-down dinner with.

Tyreek Hill, Durham Smythe and Mike Gesicki.

Who are your top 5 favorite Dolphins players of all time? Rank them in order.

  1. Zach Thomas
  2. Ricky Williams
  3. Jason Taylor
  4. Brian Hartline
  5. Chris Chambers

I was six when Dan Marino retired, so sadly I missed the glory days.

What is your favorite piece of Dolphins memorabilia that you own?

A poster of Nick Buoniconti wearing one of the old fashion face masks in what must’ve been a night game in the rain. You can see the mud all over the helmet — real gritty photo that explains the era nicely.


Make sure you’re following Jake on Twitter at @jmendel94! I will continue to chat with members of The Phinsider as the offseason rolls on, so if there is anything specific you would like to see asked to our writers, let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @MBrave13! Fins up!