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What to do now that its the off-season?

Ghost Whisperer, Season Two Photo by Robert Voets/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

So as we slide into the offseason those of us that primarily follow football have to find other things to take up our time. It also means that Spring is right around the corner and Summer will soon follow. Both seasons mean vacations for most families with Spring break and then Summer break for those of us with kids. My off-season plans will include moving back to Florida, Gainesville to be specific, and then trying to find a house to purchase so I can then return to Texas and retrieve all of our belongings. We will also work in a week of vacation in April unless the move time is moved up a bit.

So tonight's question is what big plans if any do you have for the upcoming off-season? It can be a small thing or something huge.

Feel free to share you upcoming adventures or otherwise with us in the comments section below-

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