2023 Free Agents to Consider

Back to square one Phin Fans!

This team seems to be in a position where we are clearly ready to win now.

Since this is absolutely the case, our roster will dictate our success.

We have who we have under contract, and attacking who must be extended, restructured, traded or released will come down to Chris Grier's wizardry!

Players we should re-sign: Thomas Morstead - Punter, Nik Needham - Nickel, Raheem Mostert - Running Back, Jeff Wilson Jr - Running Back, Brandon Shell - Right Tackle, Trent Sherfield - Wide Receiver.

Players we should trade: Byron Jones - Corner Back, Emmanuel Ogbah - Defensive End, Cedrick Wilson Jr - Wide Receiver.

Players we should extend: Christian Wilkins - Defensive Tackle, Zach Sieler - Defensive Tackle, Connor Williams - Center/Left Guard.

Players we should restructure: Bradley Chubb - Defensive End, Jerome Baker - Linebacker, Terron Armstead - Left Tackle, Xavien Howard - Corner Back.

Players we may have to release: Byron Jones, Jerome Baker, Cedrick Wilson Jr.

Players to consider in Free Agency: Sean Murphy-Bunting - Corner Back (TB), Bobby Okereke - Linebacker (IND), Mike McGlinchey - Right Tackle (SF), Kareem Jackson - Safety (DEN), Bradley Bozeman - Center (CAR), Deonte Harty - Returner/Wide Receiver (NO), Taylor Heinicke - Quarterback (WAS).

Considering our first draft choice this season will be in the 50s, I believe we gotta go full steam ahead on available veterans, particularly in Free Agency.

I hope we are pleasantly surprised by the beginning of camp!

Phins Up!!!

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