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What the Phinsider faithful believe should be the front offices primary goal this offseason!

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week I asked what you, the Phinsider site members, believed to be the top priority for the Miami Dolphins front office this offseason. As usual, you did not disappoint. Below are some of the ideas that our readers had for this off-season.

Inkaine echoed what a lot of us are concerned about. The cap issues this team has going forward!

For me, it’s clearly getting the cap fixed and healthier contracts once again. I don’t want to see us in a situation like New Orleans, who will need 3-4y to recover from their cap hell. We need a healthy space to re-sign our homegrown guys. Yes, we can’t keep everyone. But at least try to keep a core: Wilkins, Sieler, J. Philips, Van Ginkel, our young safety duo, Tua, and potentially Waddle. Not going to come cheap on top of existing contracts.

Thomas23059 has some ideas for the coaching staff and like most needs to see more from the offensive line.

If I was the one working on making the team better, I start at the top. The first order of business, and most important, is to go over 2022 with Mike McDaniel and talk about how he can do his job better. If he needs any resources to help him, get them. We can talk about getting this player or that player all we want, but if the coach is not getting better, then team is not going to get better. Make sure McDaniel is leading by example. Let the whole team see him evaluating his own performance from last season and working to get better. Have a conversation with everyone in the building and get feedback for him. Then, move on to item 1b and make sure the offensive line will be better next season.

eyes would like to see some of the defensive stalwarts extended while also adding an ILB, Oline help, and even a RB.

On defense, sign Wilkins and Sieler. I think that’s gonna be harder than people realize. Find an ILB. I’ve always thought AVG was that guy but the coaches see something else. On offense, fix the Oline. I wouldn’t have done the Armstead deal but we’re stuck with it. I don’t think Eich can play, draft a guard. Jackson is still a question to me. Bring in competition for RT through second-tier FA. I don’t normally draft RBs high, but if the kid Gibbs from Alabama is there in round two it would be hard to pass on him

Robert Burnstein has already seen his primary objective achieved.

They already did it for me. That was fire Boyer and get a good DC. Adding Fangio was huge. Now extend Wilkins. Focus on the DEF this offseason. Obviously, Miami will need to address some holes on OFF, but by in large the OFF will be fine. WE NEED A TOP-10 DEF

Bill Moody also would like to see two of the anchors of the defense extended and like most wants to see more out of the O-line.

As much as I want to say O-Line like every other year, it needs to be getting Wilkins and Seiler on the books. The D-Line was the star of the show towards then end of the season, and there’s no reason that it can’t be better next season, but we absolutely need those two guys. And then of course, its O-Line, O-Line, O-Line.

Alpha6 has a list of ideas!

K Nog on a Jun ‘22 post said: Miami’s starting offensive line could make a lot of sense if it looks something like: LT: Armstead; LG: Eichenberg; C: Williams; RG: Hunt; RT: Jackson

No one saw the injuries coming though. For me, something like this would be cool. A Guard is #1 - FA Roger Saffold of the Bills giggity. A Tight End is #2 - FA Robert Tonyan Jr GB or Austin Hooper Tenn. A Cornerback #3 - Draft - South Carolina cornerback Cam Smith. A Running Back #4 - Draft - Illinois running back Chase Brown.

It seems as if there is one common thread among Dolphins fans its that the offensive line must be improved first and foremost. We now all get to sit back and see what happens from afar.

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