One Week at a Time-The Tennessee Titans edition

Alas, the month of December is here. Christmas decorations are everywhere. My bank account has to have a hole in it somewhere cause cash is flying out of there like Santa and his sleigh. And the race for the NFL playoffs is in full swing. And what do you know, our Miami Dolphins are right in the thick of it.

There are lots of opinions on how we got to where we are. The Offense, the Defense, Tua, Tyreek, Ramsey, AVG, MM, etc. And all of those are correct. But when I look at this season to date, I believe we are where we are because these coaches and this team have been laser focused on taking it one game at a time. And for this team to accomplish what we all hope they will accomplish, we'll have to continue with that "one game at a time" approach. This week, it's the Tennessee Titans.

These Titans are a tough bunch to figure. Good veteran talent on this roster. Breaking in a promising young rookie QB. Really well coached team. And yet, they're 4-9. They're too good to be 4-9. But they are what they are because for as good as they are, they've developed a nasty habit of giving games away when they have a real chance to win. And in this league, the quickest way to a losing season is giving games away. If they're still in a giving mood on Monday night, I'll take it. But I don't think we can count on it. I'm sure they'd love to rain all over our parade in prime time and pull off the upset. They are certainly capable if we show up and aren't serious about taking care of our business. The Dolphins are notorious for taking really good seasons to the month of December and driving them right off a cliff. Did it last year. Have done it so many times over the years that it's too hard on my soul to count.

This game is huge. It's a chance to begin the process of putting those old, failure ridden Decembers to bed. It's a chance to win in December, win in prime time, get one step closer to clinching the Division, one step closer to the overall #1 seed in the AFC. We've got a good football team and its a chance for us to do what good teams do when it matters most. But we aren't good enough to take the field and not give it our best shot against a team like this. They should have our full attention and respect. And if they do, we'll be just fine. Vic is just the guy you'd pick to confuse this young QB, and a balanced attack on Offense with speed everywhere is more than their Defense can handle. It's December...a chance to make some magic, or just another big ole mess. The most wonderful time of the year? It could be if we take it one week at a time....

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