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Jaylen Waddle is OUT - Next man up.

Which receiver will step up and step in for Jaylen Waddle?

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel confirmed Friday that Jaylen Waddle will be out Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. This leaves a hole in the offense that needs to be filled. The Dolphins will still have Tyreek Hill out, but the Ravens are going to do everything they can to contain him. They could double or even triple him at times.

Their game plan is simple. Box up Tyreek Hill, and let someone else beat you. Take away the game breaker, and see if the role players can make those plays. With that plan, it leaves room for another receiver to not only step up but shine. It just depends on who it’s going to be.

Ceddy Time?

If there was a prime candidate to get more targets, it has to be Cedric Wilson. Once signed to be the number two guy behind Waddle was forgotten for far too long. When he does get on the field, he’s sure-handed and has more burst than given credit for.

Wilson and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s timing and connection have been a bit off this year, but one thing is for sure. Cedric Wilson gets open, and beats man coverage. With Tyreek getting most of the attention, the Dolphins need a man-beater on the other side.

The Real Debut of Chase Claypool?

I know Chad Claypool has been on the field and has a catch or two, but you rarely see him. My guess as to why is that he’s still learning the playbook. It’s a complicated offense with a bunch of moving parts that still draws pre-snap penalties. With Waddle down, Claypool has to be implemented, even if that’s Tua telling him his route before leaving the huddle.

I would also like Claypool to get a red zone target, preferably a back pylon fade within the ten. It’s winning time, and you’re fighting for the one seed with all home playoff games on the way to the Super Bowl, so you have to use every weapon at your disposal. It’s time to use the only big-bodied receiver on the roster.

Where’s River Cracraft Been?

When Trent Sherfield left Miami for Buffalo in the offseason, one of the potential benefactors for targets was River Cracraft. Even with the addition of Braxton Berrios and Chase Claypool, Cracraft was supposed to be incorporated into the offense due to his reliable hands and chemistry with Tua.

He’s been bit by the injury bug and only logged four games so far. They’ve been productive for a third or fourth option, and now that he’s healthy, I’m guessing he could see five or more targets, especially in the red zone to end zone area.

From Tik Tik to the end zone?

Braxton Berrios has been a good addition all year. He’s just been solid with everything he’s been asked to do. He’s been a late-game clutch receiver, reliable kick and punt returner, and a capable blocker in the run game. Outside of Tyreek, Berrios has been the best route runner and ball catcher outside the numbers, especially in late-game situations. I see at least one clutch catch coming from him today.

It could be time that he cashes in all that goodwill for some end-zone targets and finally gets himself a touchdown for the first time in three months.

Is Robbie the Chosen One?

We can’t forget about the Sun God himself, Robbie Chosen. I didn’t think he’d be ready to play after taking a nasty hit against the Cowboy, but he logged in a full practice Friday and will be out there. Guys a warrior because that hit he took was awful.

If Chosen is out there close to full health, he’s a prime candidate in getting targets in Waddle’s absence, and has already shown he can stretch the field and willing to catch balls over the middle.

Chosen may be the best guy at the top of the formation due to his top-end speed and ability to beat guys over the top. He may be the closest to the type of threat Waddle displays and can give Tua more space over the middle, and that’s valuable.

Who’s it Going to be?

Outside of Jaylen Waddle, the receiver spot has a full deck of cards to play with, and I’m sure Mike McDaniel is in the lab cookin up some fire. The only question is who’s going to answer the call when it’s their turn. If I had to make a guess, I’d go with Ceddy Wilson, but it could be anybody and everybody.

Tyreek Hill logged in a full practiceon Friday. He’s presumably healthy, and he’s going to get his. Who do you think steps up and fills the void?

Let us know in the comments who you think will step up and be a viable WR2.