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The Unsung Hero Of The Week - Week 16

Jeff Wilson Jr’s late-game ground, and pound seals the game for the Dolphins. 

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

The narrative that the Miami Dolphins can’t beat a top-tier team was put to bed Sunday thanks to a godly Jason Sanders performance. His outing netted him the NFL “Special Teams Player of the Week,” and The Phinsiders “MVP of the Week, and well deserved.”

Sanders proved many doubters wrong, myself included, but this was a team win. It was an absolute dogfight from start to finish, and both teams defensive fronts controlled most of the game. Both quarterbacks, Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa and Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott, made some wow plays throughout the game, and both drove their teams down for final scores at the end of the game. Sometimes, the team that wins is the team that has the ball last, and this time it was the Dolphins.

When it comes to picking out the “Unsung Hero of The Week,” it could go to several players, but we try to select a guy you can see from the eye test that had a significant impact even for a small time. I felt it as it was happening, and that three-carry stretch on the last drive was the Cowboys backbreaker that not only made the Cowboys use all three timeouts but also drained the clock to ensure the Cowboys wouldn’t get the ball back. That is why this week 16 “Unsung Hero of the Week” award goes to Jeff Wilson Jr.

Rumblin’ Bumblin’ Stumblin’

The Miami Dolphins backfield has been the year of Raheem Mostert and his record-breaking campaign with 21 touchdowns and counting. There was also a stretch where De’Von Achane wa considered one of the most explosive players in the NFL. He was taking it by storm before he got bit by the injury bug. Since then, he hasn’t been the same guy, but an offseason could fix that. The man who isn’t seen much anymore is Jeff Wilson Jr. He’s been dealing with injuries and has been a bit overshadowed by the play of Mostert, and Achane, so he’s not getting the snaps to make an impact.

One area the Dolphins have struggled all year is third and short, and that’s Wilson’s specialty as a power back. He’s a bit balanced, but his game starts with power. We may see more of him going forward on those plays, but his insertion into the Cowboys game was due to Mostert’s injured leg. Mostert got cleared to go back in, but head coach Mike McDaniel knew who he had up his sleeve.

Tua drove the Dolphins down the field, but when it got to the Cowboys final stand, where they would need to use all three of their timeouts, McDaniel put the ball in the hands of Jeff Wilson Jr. to take them home.

The Cowboys were on the edge of the plank and had to use their timeouts, and everyone knew the Dolphins had to run the ball. The only question was how much time would the Cowboys have left to get a field goal of their own to win it. Jeff Wilson Jr. put the team on his back, took three carries against a stacked box, ears pinned, and got the first down to ensure the last pay of the game would be a Dolphins walk-off field goal attempt.

The Dolphins and Cowboys felt like a heavyweight battle, and the Dolphins out-physicaled the Cowboys on the final drive for a chip shot field goal to win the game on the back of Jeff Wilson’s smash-mouth running style, and well deserving of being the week 16 “Unsung Hero of the Week.”

Let us know in the comments who else you think could have won the award.