One Game at a Time-Baltimore Ravens Edition

The narratives have been dispelled. You know the ones...Miami can't beat a good team. Tua can't lead the team down the field for the game winner in the 4th quarter. Those narratives. So now we sit in a moment of silence. And before us is one huge opportunity. One that doesn't come around very often. A game that allows us to write our own narrative. No sportswriter, or commenter, or opinionater will be able to say a damn word that will amount to a hill of beans if Miami grasps this opportunity and gets a win in Baltimore. It doesn't matter how it happens this week, it just has to happen.

Baltimore is good. Really good. Offensively, Defensively, Special Teams...they are probably the most well rounded team in the league right now. They're as well coached as any team in the league. But they can be had. They aren't invincible. Every Dolphins player that takes the field this Sunday is going to have to play his best game yet. And in some respects, it doesn't matter who's hurt and who isn't. It's simply about players putting their best effort on the field in a tough place to play against a really good football team.

In my mind, there are two keys to this game. Don't get me wrong, there's more than two, but these two really stand out to me.

1. Contain Lamar Jackson. Supposedly, Lamar wants to be a pocket passer now. Yeah...pull this one, it plays Jingle Bells. The Ravens are at their best with Lamar on the run. Not so much the designed ones. The ones where the pocket breaks down. We can't let the pocket break down. Wilkins and Seiler need to shut down the middle. Don't let Lamar step up and escape. We can get the edge pressure we need, we just can't afford to let Lamar loose up the middle.

2. Take what the Defense gives you and beat them over the head with it. This Defense is really good. Queen and Smith in the middle are as good as there is. But they can't be everywhere. They can't take everything away. So find it and exploit it. Technique, speed, accuracy. Those are our major calling cards. But there's another underlying one that has to show up big for us this week and that's toughness. Smythe and Ingold are going to be big in this game.

This game has to be worth having...because nothing worth having is easy and this game won't be easy. You want to belong in the group of teams worthy of playing for a championship? Here's your shot. Go get it. Be the aggressor. Don't leave anything in reserve.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.