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Tyreek Hill Injury Update: Dolphins wide receiver questionable for Sunday’s matchup vs. Jets

The Miami Dolphins could be without their star wide receiver Tyreek Hill in Sunday’s AFC East bout vs. the New York Jets.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel spoke with the media a short time ago, and one of the biggest things on everyone’s mind was the status of star wide receiver Tyreek Hill. McDaniel wasn’t 100% certain about Hills’ status for Sunday’s AFC East battle vs. the New York Jets. But he did officially announce Hill would be questionable for this weekend. More alarming, however, is that McDaniel confirmed Hill would not be practicing today (Friday) — making it a missed week of practice for Miami’s explosive playmaker.

McDaniel discussed how vital every hour was to Hill’s rehabilitation and how Miami’s speedy WR is doing everything he can to prepare for game day.

“Literally every hour for him is imperative. He’s had the same energy that he had all season. I never saw someone take a step like that who’s already a great player. He’s in this building 12 hours a day, focusing on knowing everything he’s responsible for doing & rehabbing... He’s doing everything he can.”

McDaniel continued: “He’s such an important part of our team that we’re going to make sure that when he’s on the field, he’s not at risk to further injury himself.

That makes it sound like Hill won’t be playing on Sunday, which would be a catastrophic blow to the Dolphins offense vs. a stingy Jets’ defense. With Hill in and out of the lineup on Monday, veteran Cedrick Wilson got an increase in snaps and touches. Will that be Miami’s plan this week? Or might we see more Braxton Berrios, River Cracraft, Chase Claypool, and/or Robbie Chosen remedy vs. the Jets?

Still, none of those players are in the same stratosphere as Hill, who has been the best wide receiver in football this season. Many could argue that he’s the Most Valuable Player in the entire league, but that’s a coin flip between Hill and QB1, Tua Tagovailoa (IMO). Through 13 games, Hill has caught 97 of 132 targets for an NFL-best 1,542 yards (15.9 YPC) and 12 touchdowns. He’s getting closer to Calvin Johnson’s NFL record, but his long-term health for Miami’s playoff push ultimately matters most.

Hill spoke about the injury after Monday Night’s 28-27 loss to the Titans.

“It was a lot of pain, man. It sucked. When it actually happened, I’ve obviously been dealing with some ankle injuries this whole season, and when it first reaction was like, man, my ankle is gone. My adrenaline kicked in, I ran off the field, then I sat for a while and it got stiff and I was going through a lot of pain... I came in at halftime, I texted my wife, I was like, ‘this (expletive) hurt.’ I need an ankle massage tonight, and she’s like, ‘you’d better get your ass back in that game, dawg.’ I was like, ‘all right.’ So I just made up my mind that it’s going to hurt.”

The man known as “Cheetah” would always prefer to play through the pain, but if trainers and the coaching staff have other plans, he’ll be more than happy to oblige.

“You know what, man, that’s never a question in my head. That’s never something that I would be thinking about. But if the trainers come to me, if they see something in the scans whenever I get these scans, they say, ‘Hey, Reek, you can sit out,’ I do it. But me being me, I don’t want to sit out. I want to be able to help this team any way I can, and that’s just who I am. I just don’t want to miss any games.”

After last week’s disappointing loss to the Titans, there is no question the Dolphins need Tyreek Hill. But if it will hinder his status for the season's final games, Miami should do the right thing and put the Cheetah on ice — just for one week.

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill’s injury? Who do you think will step up in his absence? How are you feeling a few days after Miami’s disappointing loss on Monday Night Football? Let us know in the comments section below!