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Jonotthan Harrison may be forced to start days after signing with the Miami Dolphins

It’s been a busy week for the former Florida Gators offensive lineman.

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins starting center Connor Williams suffered a torn ACL on Monday against the Tennessee Titans, and a calf injury to backup Liam Eichenberg has the front office searching for answers on the offensive line.

The Dolphins announced the signings of two offensive linemen earlier this week, adding Jonotthan Harrison to the active roster and Matt Skura to the practice squad. Harrison, 32, spent time with the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and Atlanta Falcons since joining the NFL as a college free agent from Florida in 2014.

“Everything was just a whirlwind at that point,” Harrison said about signing with Miami. “And the funny thing is, today is Thursday. I got the call on Tuesday. Today, I was actually supposed to fly down here for a baby shower. So then I was like, alright, let me just get a bag together and get out of there. But it was very, very exciting to get that call.

“Very exciting to be active on an active roster again. Like I said, I’m just ready to do whatever, whatever they need me to do.”

Harrison has played 2,657 of 3,110 snaps at center throughout his six-year career. He’s allowed three sacks and has been penalized 16 times. That said, he last played in 2019 with the Jets.

“I was sitting on the couch with my wife and we were about to eat some food and watch some Netflix,” Harrison said when asked what he was doing when Miami called. “I’m being completely honest. I enjoy training and staying in shape so I’ve been doing that regardless. It’s kind of ingrained in me just to always be ready. I was this close to being like alright, I guess I’m not getting my 10th year. I got the call and here I am.”

Miami’s offensive line allows the third-fewest sacks per game at 1.8, but that number ballooned to five against the Titans. Signing players to start in the middle of December is less than ideal, but Harrison’s familiarity with Miami’s system should help him hit the ground running.

“A lot of carryover from the Falcons,” he said. “The terminology might be a little bit different here, maybe the technique on how to get there. But schematically, there was a lot of carryover so picking up the playbook has been fairly. It’s been a lot easier than I expected.”