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Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins Week 14 2023: Your Game Predictions That Hit!

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

I think that every Miami Dolphins fan viewed last night’s game against the Tennessee Titans as not only one that the team had to win (can’t afford to drop games to lesser teams) but one that the team would, with moderate ease, win. But as it goes with the NFL, nearly any team can beat any other team on any given day, especially in a league where the majority of games are decided by four plays or fewer. Combine the random nature of NFL games with a team not playing up to their standards and you will more times than not come away with a loss. The referees did not help things and once again did a horrible job at their only job, calling the game but that is not why the Phins lost. Anyway, moving on...

Below we will take a look at some of your predictions and see who “hit” or came close with their predictions for the Miami Dolphins last game-

PhinsTifosi hit on at least one prediction.

Tua 0 picks

daytonadolfan hit on Mostert as one of the stars for the Phins and he was one of the few bright spots. Mostert ended the day with 15 rushes for 96 yards and two TDs.


USMCFinzFreak also saw Mostert's good night and the offense breaking out a new TD celebration.


The offense’s new TD celebration.

THEphinz; Alpha6; Dolfanjoe; David7777; and TheRoo1 were all also on the Mostert train.


72Phins4ever called Mostert as well as Long Jr as stars of the game. Long played another solid game with 8 tackles, 5 of those solo.

Mostert; Long Jr

MiMiami hit on Mostert as a star of the game as well as, I assume, Wilkins. Wilkins had the Phins only sack as well as four tackles, two of those solo. He also hit on the coach getting Mostert his chances at the TD record. Mostert had Miami’s only two offensive touchdowns.

Mostert; “Pay-The-Man”

What other bold prediction do you have for this week’s game? MM does everything he can to help Raheem get to the franchise TD record.

NCSurferMike also saw Wikins balling out last night.

Who do you think will be the star(s) of the game on defense? Wilkins

Molly Polly II must have known that Seiler was going to have a pick-6.


pharmguy1963 also saw a big night for Seiler.


EzDz73 also called the great night for Wilkins.


Due to the unfortunate direction that last night's game went, there were not a lot of correct predictions. Here’s to hoping for a big bounce-back game this coming Sunday against the hated New York Jets. Thank you as always to everyone who took the time to participate in our weekly predictions. Join us again tomorrow evening when we will put up our predictions for the next game against the Jets.

If you would like to join in on the conversations where we highlight some of our favorite predictions for that week’s game (and even some that I disagree with) please be sure to sign up for a Phinsider account. The week’s predictions post will be posted during the week on Wednesday evening with the follow-up post coming every Saturday evening and the follow-up to the game post the following Tuesday evening.