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Dolphins fan confidence reaches sets record as Miami closes in on playoff berth in 2023 Week 14

The Miami Dolphins have positioned themselves to control the AFC playoff picture. The fan confidence in the direction of the team reflects the success Miami is having.

NFL: DEC 03 Dolphins at Commanders Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins enter Week 14 of the 2023 NFL season with a three-game lead in the AFC East and holding on to the top spot in the AFC playoff picture. They are positioned themselves to be in control of the seeding, with no one able to ovetake them so long as they continue to win. It is a strong position for Miami, with just five games remaining on the 2023 regular season schedule, and the fans are responding to Miami’s success.

The Dolphins offense continues to lead the league in total yards and in passing yards, while they are second in rushing yards and scoring offense. The defense continues to move up the rankings, now sixth in total defense, ninth against the pass, and eighth against the run. The scoring defense has improved to 21st in the league.

Everything is going right for Miami right now, and the fans know it. Our latest SB Nation Reacts poll, brought to us by brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook, sets a new record for Miami when it comes to fan confidence in the team.

Dolphins’ fan confidence

Miami is in the midst of a three-game winning streak, looking to push it to four as they start a three-game homestand. With their 9-3 record, they are the top seed in the AFC playoff picture, a position they will hold as long as they continue to win.

This week’s fan confidence poll sets a new record for positivity around the Dolphins. The highest mark ever reached in the years of doing these polls was 98 percent, a mark which was matched in Weeks 3 and 6 this season. Heading into Week 14, Dolphins fan confidence reached 99 percent of the fans saying the team is headed in the right direction

Could they ever reach the 100 percent mark? Would a Monday Night Football win over the Tennessee Titans be the catalyst for a unanimous result?

2023 fan confidence history (poll taken after results from listed week):

Preseason - 83%
Week 1 - 97%
Week 2 - 97%
Week 3 - 98%
Week 4 - 89%
Week 5 - 94%
Week 6 - 98%
Week 7 - 75%
Week 8 - 95%
Week 9 - 93%
Week 10 - 94%
Week 11 - 92%
Week 12 - 96%
Week 13 - 99%

Which AFC seed will Miami have when the playoffs start?

The Dolphins are currently in control of the AFC’s top seed. Will they finish the regular season in that spot? Over the next five games, including this week’s Monday Night Football game, the Dolphins are at home against the Titans, the New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys, before a road trip to the Baltimore Ravens. The season finale comes back in Miami with the Buffalo Bills headed to South Florida. Miami runs a gauntlet to finish the season, one that will decide where they finish in the playoff standings.

According to Dolphins fans, the expectation is that Miami claims the one bye available in the playoffs and homefield advantage for the postseason tournament. According to our poll results, 50 percent of the fans see Miami claiming the number one seed when the regular season ends.

Which team outside the playoff picture is most likely to make it into the postseason? (National survey)

The national survey, sent via email, asked fans which team not in the playoff picture heading into Week 14 is most likely to make it into the postseason tournament by the end of the regular season. While not directly Dolphins related, the results could be interesting for Dolphins fans.

The Houston Texans will be the team to claim the position, according to the fans. They received 37 percent. Miami’s AFC East division rivals, the Buffalo Bills, finished second with 31 percent of the vote. Could the Dolphins and Bills’ Week 18 game be the deciding factor between Miami’s top seed hope and the Bills trying to make the playoffs?

If you want to receive the national survey each week, sign up here to participate in the emailed surveys.

AFC East standings (through Week 14 Thursday Night Football):

1 - Miami Dolphins (9-3)
2 - Buffalo Bills (6-6) - 3 GB
3 - New York Jets (4-8) - 5 GB
4 - New England Patriots (3-10) - Eliminated from division title

Week 14 schedule:
New England Patriots 28 - 18 Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night Football)
Houston Texans at New York Jets, 1 p.m. ET Sunday
Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs, 4:25 p.m. ET Sunday
Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins, 8:15 p.m. ET Monday

AFC playoff picture (through Week 14 Thursday Night Football):

1 - Miami Dolphins (9-3, AFC East leader)
2 - Baltimore Ravens (9-3, AFC North leader)
3 - Kansas City Chiefs (8-4, AFC West leader)
4 - Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4, AFC South leader)

5 - Cleveland Browns (7-5, Wild Card 1 position)
6 - Indianapolis Colts (7-5, Wild Card 2 position)
7 - Houston Texans (7-5, Wild Card 3 position)

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6)*
Denver Broncos (6-6)
Cincinnati Bengals (6-6)
Buffalo Bills (6-6)
Los Angeles Chargers (5-7)
Las Vegas Raiders (5-7)
New York Jets (4-8)
Tennessee Titans (4-8)
New England Patriots (3-10)*

*The Patriots beat the Steelers on Thursday Night Football to open Week 14, pushing the Steelers from the top wild-card position to the first team on the wrong side of the playoff bubble ahead of Sunday’s games. The Steelers’ loss also moves the Browns from the seventh-seed position over the Colts and into the top wild-card position.

  • Dolphins over Ravens based on AFC win percentage
    Chiefs over Jaguars based on head-to-head results
  • Colts over Texans based on head-to-head results (divisional tiebreak); Browns over Colts based on head-to-head results
  • Colts over Texans based on head-to-head results
  • Broncos over Bengals based on AFC win-percentage; Broncos over Bills based on head-to-head results
  • Bengals over Bills based on head-to-head results
  • Chargers over Raiders based on head-to-head results
  • Jets over Titans based on strength of victory

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