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Panthers vs. Bears Thursday Night Football: 2023 Week 10 expert picks and odds

The Carolina Panthers visit the Chicago Bears on Thursday as the NFL’s Week 10 schedule kicks off.

Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season begins tonight with the Chicago Bears hosting the Carolina Panthers. With the Bears currently 2-7 on the season and the Panthers 1-7, this is not exactly the best matchup of the week - but it could prove to be important down the road. This game may determine who earns the number one overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft - though the Bears actually hold the Panthers’ first-round pick after making a trade for last year’s first-overall selection.

As we do for every game on the NFL calendar, our contributors here on The Phinsider have made their winners picks for tonight’s game. We continue to work our way from Week 1 through the Super Bowl, making straight-up winners predictions for each game, to see who can best predict each game of the season.

We run the pool all season long, tracking who among our contributors is the expert at predicting the results of each game. Our results from last week were:

Sumeet Jena 10-4
James McKinney 10-4
Jake Mendel 10-4
Kevin Nogle 10-4
Marek Brave 9-5
Josh Houtz 7-7
George Forder 6-8

Our updated overall standings for the season are:

James McKinney 88-48
Josh Houtz 84-52
Kevin Nogle 83-53
Sumeet Jena 83-53
Marek Brave 82-54
George Forder 79-57
Jake Mendel 76-45*
Nick Sabatino 59-34*

*Jake Mendel and Nick Sabatino have missed making picks for at least one week of the season. We will continue to track their picks throughout the rest of the season, but we will not include them in the overall standings.

Here are our Thursday Night Football picks for this week. You can also check out any picks against the spread or point total over/under picks in the graphic below, brought to us by Tallysight. Odds for the game are brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook.