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NFL playoff picture 2023: AFC and NFC standings through Week 9

The NFL 2023 regular season has reached the halfway point. How does the playoff picture look after Week 9?

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Mario Hommes/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The NFL regular season for 2023 is half over, with the Monday Night Football conclusion to Week 9 last night. With nine of the 18-week schedule now complete, the playoff picture for both the AFC and NFC is coming into focus, with teams starting to fall out of contention and others positioning themselves for division titles and high seeds for the run to the Super Bowl.

There is still a lot of football to be played and teams can get hot at any point to make a run, but the top-tier teams seem to be fairly well solidified at this point, with familiar franchises leading the way. The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are leading the AFC, while their opponents in last year’s title game, the Philadelphia Eagles, are leading the NFC.

Behind the Chiefs in the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins hold the top spot in their respective divisions. Then the AFC North, with the Ravens leading, has all three wild card positions, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals all in playoff positions. Just on the outside looking in are the Buffalo Bills.

In the NFC, the Eagles are being chased by the current division leaders, the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, and New Orleans Saints. The wild card spots are held by the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and Minnesota Vikings. On the wrong side of the playoff bubble are the Washington Commanders and Atlanta Falcons, both tied at 4-5 on the season.

In Week 10, the Chiefs, Eagles, Dolphins, and Los Angeles Rams are all on their bye week. If the Ravens win their game against the Browns, they could move ahead of the Chiefs and take over the top spot in the AFC. In the NFC, the Eagles will remain the conference leaders no matter the results of the week, but the Lions can pull to within a game of the top seed with a win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

In the AFC East, the Dolphins will remain the leader in the division after Week 10, but the Bills could be just a half-game back if they beat the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football.

The full standings by conference are below:

AFC playoff picture (through Week 9):

1 - Kansas City Chiefs (7-2, AFC West leader)
2 - Baltimore Ravens (7-2, AFC North leader)
3 - Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2, AFC South leader)
4 - Miami Dolphins (6-3, AFC East leader)

5 - Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3, Wild card 1 position)
6 - Cleveland Browns (5-3, Wild card 2 position)
7 - Cincinnati Bengals (5-3, Wild card 3 position)

Tiebreaks: Chiefs ahead of Ravens based on AFC winning percentage; Steelers ahead of Browns and Bengals based on head-to-head results; Browns ahead of Bengals based on head-to-head results

Buffalo Bills (5-4)
Houston Texans (4-4)
Los Angeles Chargers (4-4)
New York Jets (4-4)
Indianapolis Colts (4-5)
Las Vegas Raiders (4-5)
Tennessee Titans (3-5)
Denver Broncos (3-5)
New England Patriots (2-7)

NFC playoff picture (through Week 9):

1 - Philadelphia Eagles (8-1, NFC East leader)
2 - Detroit Lions, (6-2, NFC North leader)
3 - San Francisco 49ers (5-3, NFC West leader)
4 - New Orleans Saints (5-4, NFC South leader)

5 - Seattle Seahawks (5-3, Wild card 1 position)
6 - Dallas Cowboys (5-3, Wild card 2 position)
7 - Minnesota Vikings (5-4, Wild card 3 position)

Tiebreaks: 49ers ahead of Seahawks based on NFC West winning percentage; Seahawks ahead of Cowboys based on NFC winning percentage

Washington Commanders (4-5)
Atlanta Falcons (4-5)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5)
Green Bay Packers (3-5)
Los Angeles Rams (3-6)
New York Giants (2-7)
Chicago Bears (2-7)
Carolina Panthers (1-7)
Arizona Cardinals (1-8)