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Dolphins vs. Jets final score and immediate reactions on Black Friday 2023

The Miami Dolphin and New York Jets faced off in the NFL’s first Black Friday game. We take a look at the final score and provide our immediate reactions for the game.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins dominated their AFC East rivals on Friday, beating the New York Jets in the first of two games between the clubs this year. The win for Miami in the league inaugural Black Friday game keeps them in firm control of the AFC East division lead, as well as pushes them into the top seed position in the AFC playoff picture.

Now 8-3 for the season and looking more and more like a team that could make a run in the postseason, the Dolphins jump from the fourth seed position at the start of the week into the top spot in the conference. The Baltimore Ravens, who now fall to second, along with the third-seeded Kansas City Chiefs and fourth-seeded Jacksonville Jaguars, still have to play this weekend, so Miami’s reign at the top may be short-lived, but they are at least keeping the pressure on the rest of the conference.

The Jets, who started Tim Boyle at quarterback for the first time in an effort to spark the offense after ten games with Zach Wilson starting, could not find any success against the Miami defense until late in the game when a fumble gave them a short field and allowed their one offensive score.

The only other points New York scored was on a pick six early in the game.

The Dolphins dominated the game from start to finish.

Miami will have to figure out how to make up for the loss of linebacker Jaelan Phillips for the remainder of the season after this game. Phillips collapsed to the turf on a play in the fourth quarter, sustaining an Achilles injury that will force him to miss the rest of the year - and could cause him to miss time early next year as well.

Miami, 8-3, continues their schedule next week as they face the Washington Commanders, who fired their defensive coordinator on Friday after being blown out by the Dallas Cowboys as part of yesterday’s Thanksgiving triple-header. Will the Dolphins continue to keep the pressure on the AFC with another win in Week 13?

The Jets 4-7, stay at home next week to host the Atlanta Falcons.

Final Score

Dolphins 34 - 13 Jets

AFC East standings (through Week 12 Black Friday game):

1 - Miami Dolphins (8-3)*
2 - Buffalo Bills (6-5) - 2 GB
3 - New York Jets (4-7)* - 4 GB
4 - New England Patriots (2-8) - 5.5 GB

*Played on Black Friday

AFC Playoff Picture (through Week 12 Black Friday game):

1 - Miami Dolphins (8-3, AFC East leader)*
2- Baltimore Ravens (8-3, AFC North leader)
3 - Kansas City Chiefs (7-3, AFC West leader)
4 - Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3, AFC South leader)

5 - Cleveland Browns (7-3, Wild Card 1 position)
6 - Houston Texans (6-4, Wild Card 2 position)
7 - Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4, Wild Card 3 position)

Buffalo Bills (6-5)
Indianapolis Colts (5-5)
Denver Broncos (5-5)
Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)
Las Vegas Raiders (5-6)
Los Angeles Chargers (4-6)
New York Jets (4-7)*
Tennessee Titans (3-7)
New England Patriots (2-8)

*Played on Black Friday


  • Dolphins over Ravens based on AFC win percentage
  • Chiefs over Jaguars based on head-to-head results
  • Texas over Steelers based on head-to-head result
  • Colts over Bengals and Broncos based on AFC win percentage
  • Broncos over Bengals based on AFC win percentage

First Quarter Reactions

The Dolphins won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. The Jets started with the ball, giving quarterback Tim Boyle a chance to get on the field and get rid of the nerves in his first start for the team. The Jets would convert a first down on a 3rd-and-2 on the possession, officially gaining it on a defensive offsides penalty, but also having completed a pass for five yards. After that, however, the drive went no where, with an incomplete pass, a running back Breece Hall rush for a two-yard loss on a good play from linebacker Jaelan Phillips, and a screen pass that picked up five yards but led to a punt.

It was not a three-and-out drive for the Jets, but it may as well have been. They did not do anything with the possession and Miami’s defense is looking to keep the pressure on Boyle.

The Dolphins started at their own 15 yard line after the punt, then appeared to lose four yards on a run from Raheem Mostert, but an unnecessary roughness penalty after the play moved the Dolphins up for a net gain of 11 yards and a first down. Three plays later, facing 3rd-and-8, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa found wide receiver Tyreek Hill for a 35-yard gain, flipping the field and moving into Jets territory. A couple of plays later, Tagovailoa went back to Hill, who had to have his ankle wrapped after appearing to twist it on the previous reception, for a 17-yard gain on a screen pass. A couple of Mostert runs and a Tagovailoa scramble set up a 4th-and-2 attempt from the Jets’ four-yard line. The fade targeting Hill fell incomplete, giving the Jets the ball.

Not coming away with points there is disappointing, but pinning a Jets offense that struggles to do anything back at their own four should be fine for Miami. Going for it on fourth down made sense, but not sure about the play call - seems like a better route than a fade could have been used.

The Jets drive featured an incomplete pass, a run for no gain, and a pass for eight yards. New York punted on the three-and-out.

That is why the fourth-down attempt did not matter.

Miami started at their 44-yard line after a nine-yard return to the punt by wide receiver Braxton Berrios. Running back Jeff Wilson, Jr., who was inactive last week as the Dolphins brought back De’Von Achane, only to see the rookie running back injured early in the game, picked up three yards to start the drive. Two plays later, he gained 14 yards, the four more on the next play. After a five-yard pass into the flat to Hill, Tagovailoa’s next pass fell incomplete. The Dolphins settled for the 38-yard field goal from kicker Jason Sanders. Dolphins 3-0.

Miami’s offense will be dangerous if Wilson and Mostert are both in rhythm, along with Hill and Jaylen Waddle. The Jets average 15 points per game this year. If the defense can make a stop here and then the offense can score, this game may already be out of reach for New York.

On firs down, the Jets looked to attack with Breece Hall on a pitch to the offense’s right, but the running back could not catch the ball cleanly and had to scoop up the fumble, leading to a six-yard loss. A pass from Boyle to wide receiver Garrett Wilson picked up five yards, but the Jets immediately gave back the yardage with a false start penalty to end the first quarter.

Second Quarter Reactions

Boyle threw a pass into the flat to Hall on third down, but linebacker Jerome Baker read the play perfectly and made the tackle for a two-yard loss and another three-and-out possession for the Jets.

Miami’s defense is swarming right now. The Jets have no answers.

After a 61-yard punt from former Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead with Berrios returning it 19 yards, the Dolphins began at their own 40-yard line. After two Mostert runs for a combined five yards, Tagovailoa threw to Waddle for 11 yards on a free play after the Jets jumped offsides. An incomplete pass and a Mostert run for five yards brought up another third down, with Tagovailoa rifling a pass to Jeff Wilson on an angle route for a seven-yard gain and a first down. Wilson then picked up three yards on a run followed by a Mostert gain of one yard on a slow-developing jet sweep. Facing 3rd-and-6, Miami took a timeout before picking up 20 yards on a dangerous throw to Waddle. After a Mostert run for one yard, Tagovailoa threw a screen to Hill for a seven-yard touchdown. Dolphins 10-0.

It is good to see Waddle starting to heat up. Good drive from the Dolphins offense. This game can get out of reach early if the defense is able to keep this up.

The Jets’ offensive possession featured an incomplete pass, a pass to Hall for seven yards, and a sack by defensive tackle Christian Wilkins for a seven-yard loss. The Jets punted on another three-and-out possession.

Another three-and-out. The defense is simply dominating.

Miami’s possession started with a six-yard run from Wilson, then a 13-yard reception by Waddle. It stalled after that, however, with Wilson picking up four yards on a run before a nine-yard loss as Tagovailoa was sacked. A six-yard pass to Wilson led to a Miami punt.

Miami punted Jake Bailey has shown each game that his first punt it always a short one. That happened here as well, but the ball rolled nicely for the Dolphins and it turned into a 40-yard kick.

A false start backed up the Jets to start the drive before Boyle found wide receiver Jason Brownlee for 12 yards, the longest play of the day for the Jets so far. After the two-minute warning, running back Dalvin Cook picked up two yards. Boyle threw out into the flat to Hall, but cornerback Kader Kohou made a great tackle to set up a 4th-and-1. After initially looking like they were going to try to convert for a first down, the Jets elected to punt - completing another three-and-out possession.

Kohou read that play in the flat perfectly and made a great hit. Another stifling defensive stand for the Dolphins.

On the first play of the drive, Tagovailoa looked toward Berrios on a short pass into the flat, but the ball was picked off and returned for a touchdown. The Jets missed the extra point. Dolphins 10-6.

Ouch. That felt like Tagovailoa advertised the throw the whole way and he paid for it. Now the offense needs to get down the field and make up for the free points they gave away.

A holding penalty on the kick return started Miami at their own 13-yard line. Tagovailoa started the drive with a pass to Hill for two yards, then started working with Waddle. An 11-yard pass followed a 10-yard gain. After a spike, Tagovailoa threw to nine yards to Waddle. After a timeout, Tagovailoa looked to Hill, but cornerback DJ Reed stepped in front and picked off the pass.

Two interceptions in a row for Tagvovailoa, both on throws to the right flat. That is rough.

With just two seconds remaining in the half, Boyle attempted a Hail Mary, but safety Jevon Holland picked off the pass at the one-yard line and returned it 99 yards for the touchdown. Dolphins 17-6.

What a great way to finish the half. Holland weaving through the defense for the score was impressive.

Halftime Reactions

Miami is shutting down everything the Jets try to do now. The New York offense has yet to find any space. They have two first downs in the half, and the only points the Jets have been able to score came on a pick-six - and they missed the extra point.

The Miami offense made some mistakes, but they are putting up points and doing almost everything they want, as long as they want to avoid throwing into the right flat. Both of Tagovailoa’s interceptions came from similar plays. Stay away from that and things will be clicking for the Dolphins for the remainder of the game.

Waddle is having a day already. He has 82 yards on seven receptions in the first half. Having Waddle and Hill both playing up to full potential is going to be the key through the rest of the season for Miami. Perfect get-well game for Waddle right now.

Third Quarter Reactions

Getting the ball to start the half, Miami looked to continue the momentum that has them up 17-6 as the half begins. Wilson started with a three-yard run, followed by a Tagovailoa pass to Waddle for four yards. Tagovailoa then looked deep to Waddle, gaining 32 yards and pushing the receiver over the 100-yard mark for the day. Wilson then ran for three yards, with Mostert following that with another three-yard gain. On 3rd-and-4, Tagovailoa was sacked, leading to a 54-yard fgield goal from Sanders. Dolphins 20-6.

Not exactly the start Miami wanted, being held to a field goal, but points are points and the Hets have not proven they will be able to put anything on the board offensively today. A good solid drive to start the half.

The Jets continued their three-and-out possessions with another drive that ended with a quick punt. Wilkins recorded his second sack of the game on the second-down play.

Miami’s defense is not giving up anything at this point. The boos have started in New York.

The Dolphins began the drive with Mostert runs for three- and four-yard gains before a Tagovailoa pass to Hill for five yards. Mostert then picked up another seven yards before an incomplete pass brought up another third down play, this time with Tagovailoa throwing to Hill for 12 yards and a conversion. Wilson then gained three yards and five yards, followed by Mostert, adding three yards. After a couple of Mostert runs gaining a yard and losing a yard, a facemask penalty on the Jets gave the Dolphins a free first down. Wilson ran for eight yards, with Miami losing five on a false start penalty on the next play. Hill then caught back-to-back passes for four yards and 15 yards to end the quarter.

Fourth Quarter Reactions

After the break, Mostert ran it in for a 13-yard touchdown. Dolphins 27-6.

The Dolphins took 9:03 off the clock on a 15-play, 92-yard drive. Absolutely dismantling the Jets right now. Hill is over 100 yards and continuing to rack up yards on his goal for 2,000 this year.

The Jets, for the first time, sustained a drive. It started with a 13-yard gain on a pass from Boyle to Hall, then Boyle found Garrett Wilson for a nine-yard pick up. Boyle was sacked by linebacker Jaelan Phillips on 2nd-and-1, bringing up 3rd-and-3. After a one-yard run from Hall and a false start penalty, the Jets faced a 4th-and-7, converting with an eight-yard pass to tight end Tyler Conklin. After incomplete pass and another sack, this time split by defensive tackle Raekwon Davis and linebacker Emmanuel Ogbah, Boyle threw for 12 yards to Cook on third down and nine yards to Wilson on 4th down. A pass to tight end Jeremy Ruckert for nine yards, an incomplete pass, and a two yard scramble by Boyle continued the drive, with the Jets in Miami territory for the first time on the day. An incomplete pass was followed by a one-yard pass to Hall, with Phillips sustaining an injury on the play and having to be carted off the field. Ogbah was called for a neutral zone infraction, leading to a 3rd-and-4. After offsetting penalties negated a play at the goal line, Boyle found Hall for a four-yard gain, just reaching the line of gain for the conversion. Defensive tackle Zach Sieler sacked Boyle on the next play, then cornerback Xavien Howard made a play on a pass, knocking it into the air with linebacker Jerome Baker catching it for the interception.

Bend don’t break defense at its finest there. The first time the Jets offense has shown any life on the day, but it ends with the pick. However, the story of the drive will be the injury to Phillips. Without speculating, that seemed like a pretty obvious injury that will sideline him for the rest of the season and could cost him part of next season - unless he recovers like Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is apparently recovering from a torn Achilles tendon.

The Dolphins brought practice squad running back Darrynton Evans into the game to begin running the clock. He picked up 13 yards on the first carry, then three yards on the second. On a third-straight running play, the handoff between Tagovailoa and Evans did not happen cleanly and the Jets fell on the loose ball.

Miami simply trying to run the clock and get Evans some experience. Bit them.

New York began the drive at the Dolphins’ 35-yard line. After an incomplete pass, Brownlee picked up eight yards on a reception. Conklin caught a nine-yard pass, with Holland injured on the play. A Dolphins offside penalty negated an incomplete pass, taking the ball down to the Miami 13-yard line. A run from Hall for four yards, a pass for eight yards to wide receiver Xavier Gipson, and a one-yard reception by Wilson in the back of the endzone gave the Jets their first offensive score of the game. Dolphins 27-13.

Miami needs to start pulling their starters. The risk of injury is too great here.

Linebacker Duke Riley recovered the Jets’ onside kick attempt, giving the Dolphins the ball at the Jets’ 46-yard line. A Mostert run for five yards led to New York’s first timeout. Mostert ran again on second down, gaining no yards but leading to the Jets’ second timeout. Mostert converted the first down on a seven-yard run on 3rd-and-5, with New York electing to let the clock run. Mostert broke through the middle of the line and scored on the 34-yard score. Dolphins 34-13.

The Dolphins wanted to run the clock, and they were going to keep giving the ball to Mostert to make that happen. Instead, he manages to get through the line untouched with no one near him. He ran parallel to the goal line for a few seconds, just trying to keep the clock running.