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2023 NFL Week 12: Thanksgiving day odds, winners picks

The NFL schedule has reached the annual triple-header on Thanksgiving. We predict the outcome of all three games today.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving! As you are enjoying the first two of the three-Fs that make up today’s holiday - family and food - we are here to set you up for the third F - football! Today’s schedule features three division rivalry games starting with the Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions. The Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys game follows, with the San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks ending the night.

The NFC take center stage with all three games today. Tomorrow, the AFC East continues the rivalry holiday games, with the Miami Dolphins at New York Jets in the NFL’s first “Black Friday” game.

As we do for every game on the NFL calendar, our contributors here on The Phinsider have made their winners picks for all three of today’s games. We continue to work our way from Week 1 through the Super Bowl, making straight-up winners predictions for each game, to see who can best predict each game of the season.

We run the pool all season long, tracking who among our contributors is the expert at predicting the results of each game. Sumeet Jena dominated last week’s results, with everyone else simply trying to stay relevant with their predictions.

Sumeet Jena 12-2
James McKinney 10-4
Jake Mendel 9-5
Kevin Nogle 9-5
George Forder 8-6
Josh Houtz 8-6
Nick Sabatino 8-6
Marek Brave 7-7

Our updated overall standings for the season are:

James McKinney 105-59
Sumeet Jena 103-61
Kevin Nogle 100-64
Marek Brave 97-67
Josh Houtz 97-67
George Forder 92-72
Jake Mendel 92-57*
Nick Sabatino 72-49*

*Jake Mendel and Nick Sabatino have missed making picks for at least one full week of the season. We will continue to track their picks throughout the rest of the season, but we will not include them in the overall standings.

Here are our Thanksgiving picks for this week. You can also check out any picks against the spread or point total over/under picks in the graphic below, brought to us by Tallysight. Odds for the game are brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook.

We will be back tomorrow with the Black Friday picks.