Raiders vs Dolphins is personal to me as an alum of ASU

Antonio Pierce was the DC and Recruiting Director at my alma mater Arizona State. Pierce and Herm Edwards broke Covid Rules by bringing in recruits to ASU when that was against the rules. As a result of their unconscionable behavior the football team has had to pay the price. Ray Anderson who was the Athletic Director resigned this week. Many of the players that they recruited entered the transfer portal.Pierce is also a former Arizona Wildcat.

I would love to see Miami bury these guys by a 21 point spread. It would be hilarious. Raider Mystique my Ass. Tyreek and Waddle should each get over 100 yards receiving and I also expect us to rush for more than 100 yards.

Defensively I expect the team to get at least 3 sacks, 3 turnovers with 2 of those being interceptions. Go Fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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