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NFL Power Rankings Week 11 Post TNF: Bengals & Browns Plummet

Which teams took nosedives over the last four weeks, and what teams are taking control of their divisions?

I’ve been out a couple of weeks, and it feels like months with so much happening around the NFL.

Two deep playoff teams lost their quarterback for the season, a team went from fraudulent to glory restored and there seems to be a big gap between the top third of the league, and the rest of the NFL.

Let’s jump right into it and get all these teams ranked up!

1. Philadelphia Eagles (4)

  • The only team that has been consistent all year is the Eagles. If you looked up complementary football in the dictionary, there would be a picture of the Eagles logo. The team is healthy, AJ Brown has turned into a superstar, and they’re rolling through their schedule.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1)

  • The Swifties have been cruising through their schedule while remaining at the top of the AFC. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the defense have all been great, but not having another true playmaker on offense will hurt them in games where Kelce gets bottled up.

3. San Francisco 49ers (2)

  • Man, Brock Purdy has a high level of mental toughness. While the Niners were on that three-game skid, he was the scapegoat, and everyone once again questioned how far they could go with him under center, myself included. He powered through that and spanked the Jaguars so badly that everyone forgot how bad Purdy was the last three games. Good for him.

4. Baltimore Ravens (8)

  • Death, taxes, and Lamar Jackson starting 7-3. With the win over Joe Burrow and the Bengals, the Ravens are in control of the division and second place in the conference. Lamar is Lamar, the defense is top 5, and the young playmakers have been a big help in taking some of the offensive load off of Lamar. The only question is how do they replace Mark Andrews now that he’s lost for the year?

5. Miami Dolphins (3)

  • The Dolphins are coming off of a bye and getting the healthiest they’ve been all year in time for the soft part of their schedule. They may rattle off 4-5 wins in the next 5 weeks. After that, they have some real prove-it-to-us games against the Cowboys, Ravens, and Bills. A win this Sunday will give them a 2-win lead in the division, and could set them up nicely for a playoff run.

6. Detroit Lions (5)

  • The Lions are the best they’ve been in a long time, and it feels like Man Campbell is hitting all the right buttons. Jared Goff is back to being a top-10 quarterback. They have weapons all over the field, and the defense is so much better than last year. They’ll be running away with the division soon.

7. Dallas Cowboys (9)

  • Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb are both at the top of their game. They’re both top 10 guys and if the defense can be as good as they have been, they’ll be a tough out for anyone. Dallas is hitting the soft part of their schedule too, and stacking wins so they may still be able to compete for the division.

8. Seattle Seahawks (12)

  • At the end of the day, I don’t think that the Seahawks can be anything more than a one-and-done playoff team with Geno at the helm. That’s just me, but Geno has been proving everyone wrong since he got written off at the end of last year. Great young team, but they need a bit more electricity at quarterback. Hopefully, Geno can provide that again.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (18)

  • Mike Tomlin, man. The guy does not have losing seasons. He’s got a negative point differential, a mid-level quarterback, a rising star receiver trying to get set free from a lack of touches, and a terrible offensive line. Somehow, he and his defense can take all that and make it into 6-3. Tomlin defies logic.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (6)

  • I don’t know what’s happening in Jacksonville, but somehow, Trevor took a step back this year. They got more weapons for him, then turned around and played conservatively. They were on a five-game winning streak, managing wins along the way, and when they got smacked in the mouth by the Niners, they had no answer. They need a big bounce-back week and find themselves again.

11. Houston Texans (16)

  • C.J. Stroud is HIM. The Texans are blessed. They somehow got him at number two overall. He has turned this franchise around in his first year and capped the first half of the season off with a signature win over Joe Burrow, and the Bengals while everyone thought the Bengals were Super Bowl contenders. The Texans are coming!

12. Buffalo Bills (7)

  • The Bills are the most hot and cold team I’ve ever seen. They play up and down to their competition. It makes no sense. Josh Allen gives out interceptions like he’s Oprah, and the coaching staff hasn’t been able to duplicate the efficiency that Josh Allen had under Brian Daboll. The Bills may not make the playoffs at this point.

13. LA Chargers (15)

  • Justin Herbert and the offense have been carrying this team all year. The defense is atrocious even though they’re loaded with big-name guys, and Brandon Staley still can’t manage a game correctly. He’s a defensive guy, and his defense can’t stop anyone. He’s on his way out at the end of the season, and the defense needs to build up from scratch.

14. New Orleans Saints (17)

  • The Saints should thank whoever they pray to at night because they might win the division by default. I was a Derek Carr fan, and he seemed like the perfect fit, but somehow, he’s made an offense with Chris Olave, Michel Thomas, and Alvin Kamara boring. The roster is good, and if Derek Carr could figure it out, they’d be a scary team.

15. Denver Broncos (32)

  • It may have taken six weeks, but Sean Peyton has finally figured it out. The Broncos are now playing high-level defense to match what Russell Wilson has been doing all year. Coming off a three-game winning streak, two of those wins being against the Chiefs, and Bills. They’ve come a long way in a short amount of time.

16. Minnesota Vikings (25)

  • No Kirk Cousins no problem. Somehow, the Vikings are the winners of five straight and have a new life with recently traded quarterback Josh Dobbs. Dobbs came in 2 weeks ago with barely any practice and led them to back-to-back wins. They look like a Cinderella story with a rocket scientist as the protagonist. Love it. ]

17. New York Jets (14)

  • We’re just watching a replay of last year. The defense, running game, and Garrett Wilson are great dealing with the worst quarterback play in the league. When it’s mixed, you get 4-5. The silver lining though is that if they can get to somewhere around 7-6 they have a shot of Rodgers coming back.

18. Indianapolis Colts (24)

  • If Anthony Richardson could get back on the field this team could be a scary out for anyone. They’re one of the toughest teams in the league, with a top-tier running-back duo and defense that wears you down. Feels like the story of the Colts has been a team with a talented roster and no QB since Andrew Luck left, and it’s the same so far this year.

19. Cleveland Browns (11)

  • The Browns were a top-ten team, but with the season-ending injury to Deshaun Watson, it’s back to the bottom for them. I will say that I will give them a week or two to see what they can do without Watson. The defense is elite, but the offense might be a train wreck. Let’s see Sunday.

20. Washington Commanders (19)

  • The Commanders have been in the game for most of their losses but can’t seem to finish on both sides of the ball. If they stay on this trajectory, Ron Rivera will be ousted, and Eric Bienemy will likely get his first NFL head coaching job. E.B. is turning Sam Howell into a franchise quarterback by the day, and they’ll be an interesting watch through this last stretch of the season.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13)

  • The Bucs are another team that’s been on the wrong side of one-score games. Once a 3-1 team, now a 4-5 team. This team has the talent to make the playoffs, especially in the NFC South, but they need the football gods to swing things in their favor a bit.

22. Las Vegas Raiders (21)

  • The Raiders have been in QB purgatory since week one. Whether it’s Jimmy Garoppolo, Aidan O’Connell, or Brian Hoyer, they’ve found a way to win games and sit at .500. I like Antonio Pierce as a motivator, and he relates to players. All that is left is finding a quarterback, but that’s most of the NFL.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (10)

  • The Bengals were on the fast track to being a top 5 team in the league, but the season-ending injury to Joe Burrow derailed that. I won’t put them as a bottom-five team, but without their guy, there’s not much hope here in 2023.

24. Atlanta Falcons (22)

  • Arthur Smith has to be sick to his stomach with the quarterback play at his disposal. The only silver linings here are that the weapons are good and the defense is coming along. The Falcons should tank at this point because all that’s missing is a quarterback in a strong quarterback draft.

25. LA Rams (20)

  • Three straight losses, and it’s looking like the team we all thought they were in the preseason. Sean McVay and Matt Stafford had a good first quarter of the year, but this roster is bad, and they could only carry them so far. Rams are a 2024 team.

26. Green Bay Packers (23)

  • I do not believe in Jordan Love and the Packers, but maybe it’s just growing pains with a young quarterback. I know he’s a 4th-year guy, but he has the same amount of snaps as a guy in his rookie year. Need to see what he can do in the second half, but not expecting much.

27. Tennessee Titans (26)

  • It’s finally the Will Levis era, and he did not disappoint that first week. He was dropping nukes out there to Nuke. Since then, he’s cooled off, and the offense outside DeAndre Hopkins has not helped him much. At least everyone is on the same page, and they’ll look to build into next year for Levis.

28. Chicago Bears (27)

  • The Bears are in the front seat of the Caleb Williams sweepstakes and may look to hope Justin Fields can play well through the last half of the season and increase his value on the market. They have a decent backup in Bagent and will have newfound hope next year with the number one pick.

29. Arizona Cardinals (29)

  • Kyler Murray made his much-anticipated return to the starting lineup and he looked like his old self. He was scootin and scooted them to a win. I’m a fan of Jonathan Gannon and the culture he’s established. If Kyler buys in, they could be a Darkhorse playoff team in 2024.

30. New England Patriots (28)

  • The Patriots have a Bill Belichick problem. He’s out of touch as a GM and a head coach. Tom Brady is the sole reason the Belichick way worked, and it won’t work anytime soon. He doesn’t recognize offensive talent, and players don’t want to play for him. Robert Kraft needs to make the hardest decision of his career as an NFL owner.

31. New York Giants (31)

  • The Giants know what they have to do in the offseason. They need to do whatever it takes to get out from under the Daniel Jones contract. It’s the worst contract in the NFL, and they could use some of the money on the offensive line. Until they cut or trade Daniel Jones they’ll be a bottom-half team.

32. Carolina Panthers (32)

  • Nothing has gone right for the Panthers. They’re sick knowing they passed on C.J. Stroud, and they traded away potentially the number one pick in the draft this year to be 1-8. Bryce Young isn’t a bust, but the best way to help him thrive is by spending some money on the offensive line. The future looks bleak, but one offseason of hitting on some free agents can change that. They may be a 2025 team at this point.

Let us know in the comments how you would rank the Dolphins, and the rest of the NFL teams, or tweet me on X @saba12_.