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What Needs To Change With The Miami Dolphins, In Your Opinion, Over The Final 8 Weeks Of The Season?

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Mario Hommes/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

While it's true that the Miami Dolphins, sitting at 6 and 3, as they head into the final stretch of the 2023 season, hold the best record at this point of the season that many fans have witnessed in a very long time, there is still a lot of frustration among those same fans. While Miami has the second-best record in the AFC as we go into this week's slate of games many fans look back at the three losses and shake their heads at what could have been. Add to that the nagging narrative that has thus far been proven true that the Miami Dolphins can not win games against top NFL teams and many fans continue to argue that the team is just not where they should be given the immense level of talent on both sides of the ball.

Through six games the Dolphins have won they have defeated the underperforming 4 and 5 Los Angeles Chargers, the terrible eight-loss New England Patriots twice, the Denver Broncos who at the time were one of the worst teams in the NFL, the horrible eight-loss New York Giants and the sad eight loss Carolina Panthers. As to the losses, Miami has thus far dropped games to the divisional rival Buffalo Bills, the Super Bowl runner-ups, the Philadelphia Eagles, and finally the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs two Sundays ago.

The early part of the season started with the offense looking even more deadly than last season. There was a span of games that even included a ridiculous blowout victory/70-point showing against the then-woeful Denver Broncos. Since the early fast start from the offense, the unit has struggled more than usual over the last few games. Some of that can be attributed to the loss of multiple starting offensive linemen as well as injuries to other key offensive players but the unit as a whole has to play more consistently no matter the injuries as this is how it goes with every team by this point in the season.

On the other side of the ball, the defense began the year looking fairly shaky to the point that some fans were questioning the hiring of Vic Fangio to head up the unit. In the last couple of games, the defense had looked better than it has in maybe two seasons with the unit finally starting to feel comfortable with the new system and key players returning from injury. Having a healthy secondary on the field, which is the basis of most of what Fangio likes to do defensively, should continue to pay dividends as the season moves forward.

So we all know the ups and downs of this team this season. We also know what the team has done consistently, been hit or miss with our just plain struggled with this season. With everything you have seen thus far this season, what do you need to see from this rendition of our Miami Dolphins going forward? What does this team in your opinion need to improve on or just be more consistent with to continue to be successful as they head into the playoffs?

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