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Your Miami Dolphins Final Record Predictions!

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Mario Hommes/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Earlier this week I posted our weekly question post and asked the following question(s)-

So tonight’s questions are given what you have seen thus far throughout the season from our Dolphins as well as the teams remaining on the schedule what do you believe our final record will be? Will Miami be able to win the AFC for the first time in forever? Will Miami be able to catch the Kansas City Chiefs and take home-field advantage in the playoffs?

Below are some of your answers-

PhinsTifosi has my favorite prediction with his belief that the Dolphins will run the table from here on out!


Tua2HillWaddle only sees the Phins dropping the game to the Ravens from here on out.

The Fins will finish the regular season at a record of 13-4. We will win all of our games except the one in Baltimore. I expect us to win our division but fall just short of home field - to the Ravens.

NCSurferMike has Miami only dropping two more games this season.

I said 11-6 or 12-5 at the start of the season. I am going with 12-5

MIAMI235 is predicting three more losses but hoping for less.


Taking more injuries into account.

( Hopefully better though)

DolphinsKings1 is another that sees the Ravens as the only other loss this season.


@ New York Jets WIN 24-17

@ Washington Commanders WIN 23-19




@ Baltimore Ravens LOSS 34-31


13-4 AFC EAST CHAMPS seeding TBD. LFG!!!! Go Dolphins!!!!!

dolphinfan1323 thinks that Phins will struggle to get even four more wins.

So before the season started I expected Miami’s offense to take a step back and Miami’s defense to take a leap forward. It started out completely opposite. Tua and the offense had all my doubts about them gone I thought once and for all. Now I’m happy with the direction the defense is going but Tua and the offense is really concerning! They are sinking lower than last year and it’s not even December yet Miami struggles to win 10 games this year

Jamesgang has Miami getting on a roll before dropping the last three games of the season.

11-6. They will win the next five and lose the last three. Back into the playoffs as a wildcard.

Alpha6 predicts that Miami will drop only one more game but have no more success in the playoffs than last season.

AFCEast Champs.

End the season 13 & 4.


One and done in the playoffs...

Not really.

Achane will monster their opponents. Hence the seven wins heading into the playoffs.

The monster will still crush opponents then, and they go all the way to the Super Bowl.

The Big Stage, the Super Bowl will be the Dolphins vs the Lions.

The Dolphins win it 31 to the Lions’ 27.

Blaze453 says there will only be two more losses.

12 and 5

Bill Moody predicts that the Commanders and Ravens games will be losses.

11/19 Las Vegas Raiders - Win

11/24 @ New York Jets - Win

12/03 @ Washington Commanders - Loss

12/11 Tennessee Titans - Win

12/17 New York Jets - Win

12/24 Dallas Cowboys - Win

12/31 @ Baltimore Ravens - Loss

01/07 Buffalo Bills - Win

6-2 from here on out, puts us at 12 and 5.

CleoTorres sees the Phins dropping five out of the remaining eight.

11/19 Las Vegas Raiders W

11/24 @ New York Jets L

12/03 @ Washington Commanders W

12/11 Tennessee Titans W

12/17 New York Jets L

12/24 Dallas Cowboys L

12/31 @ Baltimore Ravens L

01/07 Buffalo Bills L

Finish 9-8. Jills win the Division and Wets get a WC.

OutstandingOne is yet another that believes the Baltimore Ravens game is a loss and the rest will be wins.

I don’t think the Dolphins will lose a home game. So that’s 5 more wins. I think the only loss remaining on the schedule is at Baltimore. Then all the tools on ESPN can shut the hell up about how we can’t win big games. Even now the narrative should ONLY be we can’t win big road games. And really, barely anyone can and never consistently. But beating the Cowboys at home will somehow not be seen as a big game, neither will Buffalo. Only way we can really silence the critics is to run the table and be the 1 seed.

Dolphster has Miami splitting their last eight games.

10-7 and then knocked out in the Wild Card Round. Different actors; same movie.

EJPLAYA predicts two more losses.

I think they’ll be 12-5 and win ONE of those last 3 games.

toscana jones says two more losses for a 12 and 5 record.

My final record prediction is 12-5.

Dolphins will go 4-1 in the next 5 games, with the Black Friday game being the loss, and then will go 2-1 in the last 3 games, as I don’t see them winning in Baltimore.

The Black Friday game is not an assured loss, though, for I think that the Jets cannot beat the Dolphins, but the Dolphins, in an away prime-time game may lose from the Jets. so I stick with the pessimistic prediction.

Of course, we may raise above this prediction, but we may also fall short.

Let’s just hope to stay on par: beat the inferior teams, and slip in one or two home wins against teams

with winning records...

SlayerNation1 predicts the wheels coming off after Thanksgiving.

Post -Thanksgiving has long been a disaster for Miami.


Post-Thanksgiving meltdown on Black Friday, blown out at Baltimore, a depressing close loss on Christmas Eve to Dallas in the Throwbacks.

Unfortunately, that means Mike and Company ruin our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

Buffalo will hang around until Week 18 battle for the division.

tpl sees losses to the Cowboys, the Ravens, and the Titans!

11 - 6. Miami loses to Dallas, Baltimore, and Tennessee.

Well, the predictions were all over the place with some that would be awesome while others would be downright depressing. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to comment on the weekly post. If you would like to see the rest of the predicitons for the final Miami Dolphins 2023 record check them out HERE.

If you would like to join in on the conversations where we highlight some of our favorite predictions for that week’s game (and even some that I disagree with) please be sure to sign up for a Phinsider account. The week’s predictions post will be posted during the week on Wednesday evening with the follow-up post coming every Saturday evening and the follow-up to the game post the following Tuesday evening.