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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Who claims the top spot after the Dolphins blowout loss?

The Dolphins, Bengals and Packers drop in the rankings, but a few surprise teams crack the top 15!

Week four of the NFL season was packed with some good stories. The Buffalo Bills are on an absolute heater, dominating the last three weeks. The Texans and rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud look like the real deal, and Baker Mayfield may have found a home for the foreseeable future.

We have some seismic shifts in this week’s power rankings along with a new king at the top of the list, so let’s get to it!

1. San Francisco 49ers (3)

  • Your new king of the power rankings is the Niners. Dominating week in, and week out. It’s time to give them their flowers. Brock Purdy is good enough to take them to the Super Bowl, and the roster is stacked. Watch out for a Christian McCaffrey MVP run!

2. Buffalo Bills (5)

  • They say to be the best, you have the beat the best. The Bills did that. They abused the Dolphin’s defense the whole game and were able to contain the Dolphin’s offense once they had a good lead. Besides Josh Allen’s bad week 1, the Bills may very well be the best team in the NFL. The Niners edged them out, but it’s close to a 1A, 1B situation.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (2)

  • Another week, another close win for the Eagles. Even though the Eagles are undefeated, they are not impressive outside of the offensive line play, and the emergence of DeAndre Swift. An easy schedule has let them coast to an undefeated record after four weeks, but the schedule is going to get a lot harder in about 3 weeks, and we’ll see what the Eagles are truly made of.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (4)

  • The Swifties are 2-0 and continue to roll but they got outplayed by the Jets. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was a little too reckless, and threw some uncharacteristic interceptions. Luckily for him, the refs bailed him out on his second interception late in the 4th quarter, and the refs missed an obvious holding call on the Mahomes run that sealed the Jets fate. This game could’ve easily been a loss.

5. Miami Dolphins (1)

  • The Dolphins got their doors blown off by the Bills in Buffalo and enjoyed a nice serving of humble pie. The defense looks fraudulent from the trenches getting no pressure, the linebackers not making tackles, and the secondary outside Xavien Howard getting picked on. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s defense looks bland, easy to read, and no adjustments were made. Fangio got exposed as much as the players did, and that needs to be addressed. The Dolphins offense is still great, and when there was a threat of the run, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was picking the Bills apart. The defense needs to catch up!

6. Dallas Cowboys (6)

  • The Cowboys blew out the Patriots, but it was another game where the defense carried the offense. That’s great when you’re playing average, and bad teams but Dak Prescott and the offense need to show something at some point. Until then they’re not going to crack the top 5. They can’t beat the Niners or the Eagles.

7. Baltimore Ravens (7)

  • Lamar Jackson put the Ravens offense on his back with four touchdowns, and the game was never close, but that’s more due to the late scratch of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. With no threat of offense, the Ravens wore down the Browns defense and that was pretty much it. Easy win for the Ravens, but no movement on the power rankings.

8. Detroit Lions (11)

  • Slowly but surely the Lions are gaining the respect they deserve around the league. They beat up their division rival Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football and continue to gain momentum and confidence. I like the Lions to win the division and have their first home playoff game in my lifetime.

9. Seattle Seahawks (12)

  • Happy to see Geno Smith and the Seahawks crush the “fluke” tag they once had through the end of last year. They’re a young, solid team that just keeps winning. Pete Carroll continues to win the Pete Carroll, or Russell Wilson debate. The Seahawks have cracked the top 10!

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (13)

  • The Jaguars got a solid win over the Falcons, but it wasn’t that competitive. Desmond Ridder has been one of the quarterbacks in the league, and they could barely put up any points. The Jaguars stuck to their conservative game plan and coasted to victory once they built a lead. Need to see more explosiveness out of the Jaguars offense though because they haven’t been good against potential playoff teams.

11. LA Chargers (14)

  • The Chargers coasted to victory against an Aiden O’Connell Raiders offense, but Justin Herbert was not that great. The Raiders went from being down 17 at half to a 1-score game in the 4th. Justin Herbert’s biggest flaw has been keeping leads late, and we almost saw a potential collapse from them against a team that should’ve never been in the game.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20)

  • It’s time to take Baker Mayfield and the Bucs seriously. If the offensive line can keep Baker clean, he’s more than capable of putting points on anyone. They have weapons, and a good defense so don’t be surprised if they win the division. Baker Mayfield revenge tour coming near you!

13. Cleveland Browns (7)

  • A late scratch due to an injury for Deshaun Watson must’ve deflated the Browns on both sides of the ball because they got stomped by the Ravens, and were never in the game. Quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson looked in over his head, but that was his first start so it’s understandable. Watson needs to get back and get this team rolling again.

14. New Orleans Saints (8)

  • I did not see the Saints getting stomped by the Bucs at homecoming. Derek Carr was checking down everything, and it wasn’t going anywhere. Alvin Kamara even had 13 catches for 33 yards. You never see that. Maybe it was just a bad day at the office against a divisional opponent, but that’s back-to-back losses, and they’re trending downward.

15. Houston Texans (26)

  • My new favorite watch has become the Houston Texans. I thought C.J. Stroud was the best quarterback in the draft, and he has been that plus more. He has made this offense legit, and will most likely be close to the top 10 by the end of the year. Their schedule is light for the foreseeable future, and they’re positioned to make a run for the division. Incredible turnaround by C.J. Stroud, and head coach DeMeco Ryans.

16. Washington Commanders (22)

  • Quarterback Sam Howell has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but he showed Sunday that he has the goods. With the game on the line against the heavy favorite Philadelphia Eagles, he drove the team down and threw the game-winning touchdown. Head coach Ron Rivera killed all of their momentum kicking the field goal to tie it instead of going for the win. In my opinion, they go for it, they win the game. Commanders trending upward.

17. Minnesota Vikings (23)

  • The Vikings finally got their first win, but it was in a bad Kirk Cousins game. It’s kinda funny though that they finally win in that fashion because Kirk Cousins has been putting up elite numbers. The Vikings were due, and played one of the worst team in the league. Maybe this is the start of a little winning streak to get back to .500.

18. New York Jets (25)

  • I said this earlier, but the Jets outplayed the Chiefs. I’m not a conspiracy guy when it comes to football, but it felt like the refs were leaning Chiefs. Zach Wilson looks like he’s finally figuring it out, and the rest of the team has a new sense of confidence. If Wilson can play close to how he played Sunday, then the Jets will win games.

19. Cincinnati Bengals (10)

Joe Burrow is an absolute shell of himself. I don’t understand why he plays every week because he doesn’t look like he’s getting healthier, and they’re not winning. They can’t throw the ball downfield and have become a one-dimensional passing attack. They can’t be good teams and just need to shut Burrow down until he’s 100%, or a mid-season injury could put next year in jeopardy too.

20. LA Rams (21)

  • Matt Stafford and Sean McVay are some of the best head coach-quarterback duos in the league. They can take no-name receivers, and be one of the best passing attacks. I did not see that coming, and expect a regression, but Cooper Kupp is coming back so that may not happen. The Rams could be an offseason away from being a playoff team again.

21. Green Bay Packers (16)

  • I don’t know about the Packers right now. They smell like frauds. They’re a Derek Carr injury away from being 1-3 with their only win coming against the Bears. They’re a bit injured offensively so I will cut them some slack, but with Aaron Jones and Christian Watson back it’s time to hit the gas pedal.

22. Indianapolis Colts (18)

  • The Colts right now are playing better than what they were projected, but won’t get to their ceiling until quarterback Anthony Richardson can get his accuracy down. Once he’s able to get Michael Pittman involved on the outside this team will be very good, and fight at the top of the division.

23. Tennessee Titans (27)

  • The Titans can’t make up their minds if they’re good or not. It’s lose close, win close, get blown out, and then blow out the Bengals. This is a bubble team that has an equal chance of being good, or bad. Vrabel will have the defense ready, it’s just up to Ryan Tannehill to put up enough points to win.

24. Atlanta Falcons (19)

  • You can see the morale starting to change on the Falcons receivers. They have so much talent, but just can’t get them the ball. This team is a quarterback away from being a force in the league. Desmond Ridder is just not it, and they may need to see what other options they have soon. The defense, and running game are doing their part.

25. New England Patriots (17)

  • The Patriots took a beating to the Cowboys, and it got Mac Jones benched. Once you start to bench your quarterback it doesn’t tend to produce positive results. Trending the wrong way, and don’t see them being top 15 for a while. Belichick vs. Brady is leaning even more toward Brady every year.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers (15)

  • The Steelers need to go back to the drawing board for offense. It’s just not working. You have the weapons and are one of the worst-scoring teams in the league. The offensive line is the biggest problem, but Kenny Pickett isn’t doing much to help. It’s just a mess. Matt Canada needs to go too.

27. Las Vegas Raiders (24)

  • No moral victories here, but I have to give the Raiders a small mulligan because Jimmy G was out, and Aiden O’Connell looked like he didn’t know what he was doing for the first half. The Raiders came within a score to Justin Herbert late in the fourth so the Raiders in my eyes are still a wait-and-see.

28. Arizona Cardinals (28)

  • The Cardinals are feisty. They’re not that talented, but you can tell the culture is made of the right stuff. They play hard for head coach Jonathan Gannon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cardinals took a big step when Kyler Murray eventually comes back, or if they get a top QB in the draft.

29. Carolina Panthers (29)

  • The Panthers continue to lose, and quarterback Bryce Young continues to look like the wrong pick at the top of the draft. The Bears have their first-round pick in 2024, and DJ Moore for the Panthers to get Bryce Young. They’re in the market for a top-flight receiver so at least they’re of the thought that Young can do it with more help around him.

30. Denver Broncos (32)

The Denver Broncos were a half away from being 0-4, and the laughingstock of the league. Luckily for them, the Bears are worse. Russell Wilson is playing pretty well though, so if they can get that historically bad defense to turn it around a little, maybe the Broncos can do a little something.

31. New York Giants (30)

  • It’s hard to watch the Giants right now. That offense can’t move the ball at all. Daniel Jones can’t find anyone open, and that’s not even the worst part because the offensive line can’t block anyone for more than 2 seconds. Brian Daboll was irate on Monday night, and I don’t blame him. The offensive line and quarterback play are bottom of the league right now.

32. Chicago Bears (31)

  • When you thought the Bears were turning it around, they showed you that it was a fool’s dream. They crashed and burned in the second half against the Broncos. The 21-7 halftime lead evaporated, and now the Bears are locked in the driver’s seat of the Caleb Williams sweepstakes and possibly Marvin Harrison Jr with whatever other draft capital they get for when they trade Justin Fields. Dumpster fire year, but possibly golden future.

Let us know in the comments how you would rank the Dolphins, and the rest of the NFL teams, or tweet me on X @saba12_.