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Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa talks RB De’Von Achane: He understands ball like the back of his hand

The rookie running back has two touchdowns in back to back games.

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Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

De’Von Achane didn’t see much action during the first two weeks of the regular season but has certainly made the most of his 70 snaps over the last two weeks. The rookie running back now ranks sixth in rushing yards (309), sixth in rushing touchdowns (four), and most importantly — first in yards per carry (11.4).

He’s done this while ranking No. 38 with 27 carries through four games. Achane’s eye-popping start looks even better when eight receptions for 53 yards and two more touchdowns are added to the equation. The Miami Dolphins lead the league with an average of 37.5 points per game — the San Francisco 49ers rank second at 31.3.

The Dolphins also average a league-best 176.8 rushing yards per game and Achane’s sudden emergence is the x-factor.

“I think the entire NFL can see it,” quarterback Tua Tagovailoa said when asked about the third-round draft pick. “He understands ball like the back of his hand and I think that is one of the coolest characteristics that I can say about someone like him, is he’s very soft-spoken, but he’s very smart, very intellectual when it comes to the X’s and O’s of understanding where to line up, where he needs to be in the timing of the play and things like that.

“I think that’s something that needs to be said because it’s hard, especially being in this offense. So he’s done a tremendous job and I know he’ll continue to work hard and continue to do all he can to help us try to win games.”

Miami averaged 365 yards per game in 2022 — 146 less than this season. The Dolphins struggled on the ground, and we’re now seeing the impact of balance on offense.

“I think for everyone on our team, it’s really awesome to see a young guy come in and the way he goes about his business every single day, it speaks a lot to his character and how seriously he takes this,” Tagovailoa said, “He’s gained a lot of respect from the guys in the locker room. Needless to say, the entire league is on watch as well with him.

“He’s a tremendous, tremendous athlete and a great person.”