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NFL Power Rankings Week 7 Post TNF: Back to Square One

There are no more undefeated teams in the NFL, so who tops that rankings this week?

Week 7 saw the end of all undefeated teams in the NFL. The 1972 Miami Dolphins can pop that champagne and party it up.

Big shake-ups this week, and we have a new but familiar face at the top of the rankings. The Lions also crack the top 5!

Now let’s get all these teams ranked up.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (4)

  • The Swifties are back at the top. Now that everyone has a bad loss, we need to give the defending champs their respect. They have the best loss out of all the 5-1 teams. The Kansas City Chiefs have gotten some favorable calls, but they’ve been great on defense, and Pat Mahomes continues to get it done. They still need to trade for a WR1, or they can easily get knocked off.

2. San Francisco 49ers (1)

  • The San Francisco 49ers may still be the best team, but you can’t lose to the Browns with P.J. Walker at quarterback and keep the top spot. I know they lost Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel, but Brock Purdy looked like a system quarterback without the guys that carry him. That’s just one game though. I need to see how he responds with some adversity.

3 . Miami Dolphins (4)

  • Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins rolled the Panthers after being down 14-0 in the first quarter. The team never blinked and continued to outscore Carolina 42-7 the rest of the way. Tua looked great, and the Dolphins weapons continued to shine. Here comes the second big test for Miami going into Philadelphia to play the Eagles. Tua versus Jalen. Dolphins need a huge win to solidify themselves as a true contender.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (2)

  • The Philadelphia Eagles lost a tough one to the Jets, and Jalen Hurts looked the worst he’s been so far this year. Three interceptions and the Jets were missing their top corners, Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed. The Eagles haven’t been playing well, and it was bound to catch them. They now have a huge bounce-back game against the Dolphins, and it will tell teams a lot about the Eagles.

5. Detroit Lions (7)

  • It’s been a long road for Man Campbell, Jared Goff, and the Detroit Lions, but they’re finally in the top 5. Complete culture changes a few years ago under Campbell and a few off seasons of positive roster moves have given this team their brightest future since the early Matt Stafford - Calvin Johnson days. The defense is getting better and this team could compete for an NFC Championship.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (6)

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars blew out the Colts and turned around and beat the Saints on Thursday Night Football. Standing at 5-2 heading into the bye week was close to the best-case scenario for the Jaguars, and they did it. Time to rest up, get ready to take the division, and host a playoff game.

7. Buffalo Bills (5)

  • The Buffalo Bills are alergic like to being consistent. I know they technically won, but the Giants were on the 1-yard line, trying to score and the Bills got bailed out on a noncall. There was obvious pass interference that the refs missed and should’ve given the Giants another shot to score. Either way, the Bills should not have let themselves be in that position, and it’s time for them to get it together.

8. Baltimore Ravens (9)

  • Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens were not impressive by any means barely beating the Titans that just can’t put it together. A win is a win though, and that’s what matters in the NFL. We’re about to see what the Ravens are made of this Sunday against the Lions. One of the best matchups of the day.

9. Dallas Cowboys (12)

  • Dak Prescott looked like Dak Prescott before he got the gigantic contact. He looked mobile, precise, and someone you could win big games with. The Chargers may have a losing record, but that was a big win for the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s see if Dak can stay on this trajectory because the defense is still great. They need him to be what he was on Monday.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (13)

  • The Cincinnati Bengals are officially back. They are 3-3, Joe Burrow came out unscathed. Now they’re heading to their bye week for some R & R. When they come back, they’ll have a healthier Joe Burrow, a big win against the Seahawks, and a new swagger with them. They can make a run.

11. Cleveland Browns (15)

  • The Cleveland Browns defense was the story Sunday, and Myles Garrett could be the best defender in football. They beat up on the most physical team in the NFL. Not only that, but they contained the Niners offense so much that they beat them with P.J. Walker at QB. Not Deshaun Watson. The third-string QB. This is the biggest win of the week, and when Watson is back, the Browns could be scary.

12. Seattle Seahawks (8)

  • The Seattle Seahawks lost a nail-biter to Joe Burrow and the Bengals but it’s a good loss. They had almost double the yards the Bengals had but shot themselves in the foot with turnovers. Bumps in the road are going to happen. They have to respond this week.

13. Tamp Bay Buccaneers (11)

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a tough loss and couldn’t get much going offensively. Maybe they sleepwalked out of the bye week but dropped a dud at home. The Jets can’t have that going forward. As bad as they were, I’m leaning toward a bounce-back week.

14. New York Jets (16)

  • The New York Jets are the same team as last year. They have a great roster with a bad QB. Zach Wilson has been better but still isn’t producing. Defense carried the offense, but they put up just enough points to outscore the Eagles with 3 Jalen Hurts interceptions. Jets need to convert field goals into touchdowns asap.

15. LA Chargers (10)

  • Death, taxes and Justin Herbert throwing fourth-quarter interceptions. The LA Chargers dropped another big game and won the biggest disappointment of the year award. Head coach Brandon Staley may not make it through the season, but Justin Herbert needs to convert on game-winning drives and play better overall in the fourth quarter because he’s not winning them games late when he’s given the opportunity.

16. Houston Texans (18)

  • The Houston Texans are starting to look like a real team. They’re now playing complementary football, and Will Anderson Jr. is emerging as a star on defense. They’re not relying on rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud to win all their games. I love the direction this team is heading post-Deashaun Watson.

17. New Orleans Saints (14)

  • I don’t understand Derek Carr. He has fantastic throws every game but is too scared to throw them. He checks down all day, and somehow, an offense with Chris Olave, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara is boring and can’t score. Lost to the Texans Sunday and to the Jaguars Thursday. This team has too much talent to be this bad on offense. A change is needed soon.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (17)

  • A bye week is what the Pittsburgh Steelers needed. If they can fix their offensive issues and get George Pickens the ball, they may be able to get back into the playoff picture. Winnable game against the Rams on Sunday to get to 4-2.

19. Washington Commanders (21)

  • Somehow the Washington Commanders just won’t go away. Commanders got a big win off of a three-game losing streak. Right now, they’re keeping their head above water, but Sam Howell needs to learn the art of consistency to keep this team viable.

20. LA Rams (22)

  • The LA Rams will not win a ton of games, but they’ll be in a lot of them. The Rams are a year away from being competitive. This year, they found Puka Nacua to add to the Cooper Kupp receiver group, and they’ll load up on defense this offseason. They’re coming.

21. Las Vegas Raiders (25)

  • The Las Vegas Raiders are in QB purgatory. Jimmy G has been average at best so far, and he’s already missing time. At least they’ll have a high draft pick to get a franchise QB with. Hopefully, Jimmy G doesn’t will them into 7 wins.

22. Atlanta Falcons (20)

  • The Atlanta Falcons will be a good, young team that is a QB away from the playoffs. The weapons are there, and the defense has come around. Either tank or go big on a good quarterback in the offseason like Kirk Cousins. The roster is there.

23. Green Bay Packers (27)

  • Coming off of a bye week, the Green Bay Packers will look to get Jordan Love back on track and bring his stock up a bit. I’m seeing a lot of easy throws and play action. Christian Watson has been back for a few weeks, so Love should be ready to grow through the season.

24. Indianapolis Colts (19)

  • The Jaguars blew out the Indianapolis Colts, and somehow the Colts are having QB issues again. They need to get a guy who will be there for a few years, whether it’s Anthony Richardson, who needs to stay healthy, or a guy like Kirk Cousins. The roster has been good for years, but the consistent QB play won’t catch up.

25. Minnesota Vikings (26)

  • It’s tank time for the Minnesota Vikings. Kirk Cousins isn’t coming back next year. Trade him. Justin Jefferson is on IR. Keep him out. Go all in on the tank and get the best quarterback possible. Then you can pay Justin Jefferson with no problem and build the team around a rookie QB contract.

26. Tennessee Titans (24)

  • Ryan Tannehill can make this happen at times, but his time has is at an end. See what Will Levis has at this point. The defense and Derrick Henry are not good enough to carry this bad passing offense. Hopkins still has juice in him, but not enough to be a number one guy. Trade him for as much as you can, and build for beyond Tannehill.

27. Chicago Bears (23)

  • Right when it looks like the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields are on the same page, Justin Fields gets hurt. It’s just like it was never meant to happen. It’s a thumb injury that could bug him through the season, and the Bears may want to keep him out, knowing they’re moving on. There was a glimmer of hope before the injury, and now that’s gone.

28. New England Patriots (28)

  • The New England Patriots are a shipwreck. Mac Jones has regressed into high school mode, and the team looks like it’s bottom five in the league. It’s over folks. Mac Jones will be gone next year, and so will Bill Belichick, whether it’s the GM version of himself or the whole him. A change is needed.

29. Arizona Cardinals (29)

  • Can’t ask for much more than what the Cardinals are doing with the roster and injuries they have. Kyler Murray is now practicing, so we’ll see if the organization puts him out there to play, and if he does, how good is he? Kyler looks motivated, so maybe he is the sparkplug they need.

30. Denver Broncos (30)

  • Sean Peyton, Russell Wilson, and the Denver Broncos are now 1-5. I never thought I’d see 1-5 next to those two names, especially if they’re linked to the same team. The season is over, and the Broncos are already selling guys, and it looks like Jerry Jeudy could be next. Sean Peyton is cleaning house.

31. New York Giants (31)

  • Tyrod Taylor looked better in this offense than Daniel Jones did. Thats right, the backup quarterback looked better than the 40 million-dollar quarterback. The offense line is still horrible, and the Giants need to build out the trenches. They should hit the panic button on Daniel Jones and get out from under that contract before its too late.

32. Carolina Panthers (32)

  • We guessed it. The Carolina Panthers got blown out by the Dolphins. Bryce Young and the Panthers did look solid on offense in the first quarter, but the offensive line couldn’t hold up. The Panthers believe in Bryce Young and will build around him. They don’t have a first-round pick this so they’ll have to spend a pretty penny to get him some help. One silver lining is that Adam Theilen is still a baller.

Let us know in the comments how you would rank the Dolphins, and the rest of the NFL teams, or tweet me on X @saba12_.