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BreakingT: Penguin Celebration shirt now available

Sometimes, you just need to be a penguin.

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Miami has proven they can find the endzone, and they can find the endzone a lot in 2023. And, when you find the endzone, you celebrate. In Miami, those celebrations often lead to waddling like a penguin. Our friends over at BreakingT have recognized that you need to be a penguin sometimes.

The shirt starts at $32 and is available now on their site. You can check it out using the button below. You can also check out their other Miami-related shirts, including the recently released “Miami Score Machine” shirt and the South Beach 70 Burger shirt. Both shirts are available on the BreakingT site and the button for the Miami Penguin Celebration will also link to the other Miami shirts available.

Hit the button in the box below to check out all the shirts. Make sure you are ready to celebrate waddling penguin style the next time Miami finds the endzone...repeatedly.