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Around The AFC East: Bills edge past Giants, Jets upset Eagles in Week 6

Recapping all the news around the AFC East, following Week 6 of the 2023 NFL season.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Each week throughout the 2023 NFL season, I’ll be recapping all the action and news from around the AFC East that week. Week 6 edition, let’s rock and roll.

AFC East Scores - Week 6

AFC East Standings - Week 6

  1. Miami Dolphins (5-1) Overall; (1-1) Division
  2. Buffalo Bills (4-2) Overall; (1-1) Division
  3. New York Jets (3-3) Overall; (1-1) Division
  4. New England Patriots (1-5) Overall; (1-1) Division

AFC East Headlines

Bills Sneak Past Giants

It wasn’t pretty, but the Bills managed to get the job done at home against the Giants, squeaking out a 14-9 victory over former offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Quarterback Josh Allen struggled to find his rhythm early on, but once he did, there was no looking back. He threw two crucial two touchdown passes in the second half, including a 16-yard laser to Quintin Morris to give Buffalo the lead in the 4th quarter.

The game actually came down to the final play, and a questionable no-call in the end zone confirmed the victory for Buffalo. The Bills leave Week 6 with a win, but after struggling to dispatch a team missing their starting quarterback, troubling signs remain.

Jets Upset Eagles, Improve To 3-3

Those pesky Jets, just won’t go away. The Jets pulled off a dramatic upset victory over the Eagles in Week 6, flipping the game in their favor with a late interception in the 4th quarter.

Unsurprisingly, Jets didn’t really get much going on offense, and had to rely on their defense to pull out the win. As a team, they rushed for just 89 yards on the ground, and had 155 yards through the air.

It’s unlikely he will ever live up to the expectations of a No.2 overall pick, but quarterback Zach Wilson does look better by the week, and isn’t playing reckless football anymore. His play, combined with one of the best defenses in the league and head coach Robert Saleh, gave New York the victory.

Patriots Extend Losing Streak

At the hands of their former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, the Patriots suffered a 17-21 loss to the Raiders in Week 6, marking their third consecutive loss.

New England’s offense couldn’t move the ball efficiently down the field against Las Vegas, and quarterback Mac Jones looked downright average against a middle-of-the-pack Raiders defense. As they’ve looked all season, New England’s offense was slow and uninspiring. The Patriots still boast one of the better defensive units in the league, but with such poor play on one side of the football, there’s simply no hope for this team.

Trouble is brewing for the Patriots, as their schedule only gets worse from here. Next week, they play host to the Buffalo Bills, before traveling to Miami to take on the Dolphins in Week 8. Unless drastic measures are taken, it’s looking likely that the Patriots are looking at a Top-5 pick in next year’s draft.

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