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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: The Bears Get Out Of The Basement, And The 49ers Reign Supreme

Another week full of movement in the top 10, and what do we make of the Bengals.

Week 6 starts tonight on Thursday Night Football with the Chiefs aka the Swifties, against the Broncos, who look like a yard sale right now, but before then, we need to get all these teams ranked because so much happened over the weekend. The Bills lost, the Bengals finally discovered offense, Dallas got destroyed, and the Bears look like they are on the same page.

With that, let’s see where all the teams stack up!

1. San Francisco 49ers (1)

  • The San Francisco 49ers reign supreme over the NFL power rankings for back-to-back weeks. They have the best roster in the NFL, one of the best offensive schemes, and now have a quarterback who can run the offense to perfection. Brock Purdy is a franchise quarterback.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (3)

  • The Philadelphia Eagles keep on winning. It’s not pretty, but they’re wins, and in the NFL that’s all that matters. They’re the only other tea that’s undefeated outside of the Niners, but they’ve benefitted from an easy schedule so far. We’ll see if they can continue the streak in two weeks when they face their first real test in the Miami Dolphins.

3 . Kansas City Chiefs (4)

  • The Swifties are now 3-0 and continue to roll, but Travis Kelce has been getting banged up this year with injuries. The Kansas City Chiefs will beat up the Broncos tonight so Kelce could take the night off, but knowing Kelce, he’s going to tough it out. Chiefs still need to go out and get a real receiver because they still don’t have any.

4. Miami Dolphins (5)

  • The Miami Dolphins cruised through the New York Giants, and the Dolphins defense finally came to play. It’s not a big win by any means, but the defense especially up front could use these games to gain some momentum and confidence before the huge matchup against the Eagles in two weeks. Dolphins will roll the Panthers Sunday.

5. Buffalo Bills (2)

  • Right when you think the Buffalo Bills are on their way to the number one spot, they crash and burn. The defense suffered some huge losses these last two weeks losing TreVante White, and Matt Milano for the year. That’s going to hurt this defense for the rest of the season, and they’ll need to lean on the offense. The offense was bad Sunday, and the Stefon Diggs drama picked up where it left off in the offseason. Bills may plateau around 5-8 for the rest of the season.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (10)

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars defense dominated the Bills for three, and a half quarters. Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and Calving Ridley all came back to life this week and padded the lead enough to hold off a furious Josh Allen fourth-quarter comeback. Huge win for the Jags, and they’re right outside the top 5.

7. Detroit Lions (8)

  • The Detroit Lions offense is a machine with playmakers everywhere. It’s the best offense they’ve had since the prime Matt Stafford - Megatron days. If Aiden Hutchinson and the defense can keep the team under 24, the Lions are going to be a very hard playoff out, and they’re already running with the division.

8. Seattle Seahawks (9)

  • It’s make-or-break time for the Seattle Seahawks. They’re flirting with being a real NFC contender, but there’s not much belief in them. They can make their case as a top team this week if they can beat the Bengals after how the Bengals offense looked last week. They’ll need all the big wins they can get being in the same division as the Niners. Top wildcard contender.

9. Baltimore Ravens (6)

  • The Baltimore Ravens went out this offseason and got Lamar Jackson all the weapons they could find, but for some reason, they look like the same offense as last year. Injuries to Odell Beckham Jr, J.K. Dobbins, and all the drops last week have weighed down Lamar and the offense. Huge loss to the Steelers, and now the division is wide open for grabs.

10. LA Chargers (11)

  • The LA Chargers jumped up a spot even though they were on a bye week because the Cowboys got smashed by the Niners. Welcome back to the top 10.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12)

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also move up a spot due to the Cowboy’s destruction at the hands of the Niners. Baker Revenge Tour is one spot away from the top 10!

12. Dallas Cowboys (7)

  • The chickens came home to roost for the Dallas Cowboys. They’re been playing conservative offense for weeks thinking the defense could carry them, but once they couldn’t they looked weak. Dallas may need a bit of a philosophy change because if the offense isn’t holding up it’s end, and they look like a one-and-done playoff team.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (19)

  • Are the Cincinnati Bengals back? Were they right all along playing Joe Burrow, and letting him get healthier as the season goes along? If they can beat the Seahawks this week, they might be right on both accounts. I thought they were sabotaging their future by having him play while they lose, but they’re 1 big win away from giving Joe Burrow a week off to get right and a .500 record. They’re right there.

14. New Orleans Saints (14)

  • The New Orleans Saints decided to flip the script from last week. They went from getting stomped to doing the stomping. No movement despite the big win because Derek Carr wasn’t that impressive, and not too sure if I can trust them yet. Give me another week.

15. Cleveland Browns (13)

  • The Cleveland Browns don’t benefit from a bye week, and drop two spots. They can reclaim that spot, and jump higher with either a win against the Niners or even if they have a good showing. Let’s see what they can do with a healthy Deshaun Watson and two weeks to prepare for the best team in the league.

16. New York Jets (18)

  • Breece Hall, and the New York Jets defense carried the Jets to a win over Nathaniel Hackett’s old team the Denver Broncos. The Jets could easily be 3-2 right now with Zach Wilson at QB with wins over Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes. The Jets are a dark horse last wild card team.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (26)

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t want to make up their mind. They lose when you think they’re going to win, and they win when you think they’re going to lose. The defense is great, but the offensive line is so bad it reverberates through the whole offense, and Kenny Pickett is not good enough to overcome it. One thing they did figure out on offense though, get the ball to George Pickens as much as possible.

18. Houston Texans (15)

  • Tough loss to the Falcons, but rough patches are going to come for young teams like this. Still love the young Houston Texans core, and they’re just building up some experience at this point. Good matchup with the Saints this week, and I smell an upset courtesy of C.J. Stroud and the boys!

19. Indianapolis Colts (22)

  • The Indianapolis Colts have the worst quarterback luck. Either they get injured, or they’re past their prime. The roster has been so good too. Luckily this year they have a really solid backup in Gardner Minshew, and he’s led them to wins despite Anthony Richardson’s early injuries. Really good team, but Richardson needs to figure out how to affect the game without getting hurt every few games.

20. Atlanta Falcons (24)

  • The Atlanta Falcons big win over the Texans gets them back to 3-2 with the big reason being Desmond Ridder’s best game probably as a pro. Maybe he’s starting to be able to see the game, and take command of this offense. Solid roster with great young pieces begging for legit QB play. If not Ridder, could we see maybe Shedeur Sanders in the draft?

21. Washington Commanders (16)

  • I was bullish on the Washington Commanders, but they were outclassed by the Bears on Thursday Night Football, and the defense looked like Swiss cheese. Horrible loss for them, and they dropped 5 spots. Sam Howell and the offense looked solid, but it’s time to target Terry McLaurin more. He’s a game-breaker.

22. LA Rams (20)

  • Rams lose to the undefeated Eagles, but they were within three points for three quarters. Rams will be a below .500 team this year, but they’re a good offseason from being a top 10 team again. Next year looks bright for the LA Rams if Matt Stafford stays healthy.

23. Chicago Bears (32)

  • The Chicago Bears got out of the basement! I don’t know what kind of coming-to-Jesus meeting they had before their game Thursday Night but the offense was humming. Justin Fields looked like the guy they thought he was, and D.J. Moore took over the game once he got some targets. The Bears might be on the way to back-to-back wins this week against the Vikings now that Justin Jefferson is on IR. Are the Bears fixed?

24. Tennessee Titans (23)

  • The Tennessee Titans make me look like an idiot each week. Every time I think they’ll win, they lose embarrassingly, and when I think they’ll get blown out they somehow win. This is just an incoming 8-9/9-8 type of team. DeAndre Hopkins is still a top-10 receiver though. If they take a couple more losses, it might be time to get what you can for Nuke.

25. Las Vegas Raiders (29)

  • The Las Vegas Raiders are not out of the picture just yet. They beat a Packers team everyone thought could be a playoff team, and now they have the Patriots who’ve been on a blowout skid. Can Jimmy G silence the haters for the time being?

26. Minnesota Vikings (17)

  • The Minnesota Vikings need to embrace what they are. They’re a young, bottom-tier team with a veteran quarterback who could get you some draft capital for the future. Justin Jefferson is on IR, and it’s time to sell off Kirk Cousins, and other veterans and embrace the tank. Get a top QB in the draft, and start over next year.

27. Green Bay Packers (21)

  • The Green Bay Packers fooled us all. Jordan Love can’t play from behind, and they’re a Derek Carr injury from being 1-4. Jordan Love has 12 more games to change the narrative, but it’s not looking good for him at this point.

28. New England Patriots (25)

  • Two blowouts in a row, and the blame needs to be put on the shoulders of Bill Belichick. He drafts and signs the players hires the coaches, and makes the big decisions. Mac Jones has regressed because of his decisions, and at the very least needs to have his GM status taken from him. If he can’t accept that then get rid of him altogether. It’s a results league and since Tom Brady’s departure, the New England Patriots have been tone deaf on offense, and he’s been a terrible GM.

29. Arizona Cardinals (28)

  • A lot more losses are ahead for the Arizona Cardinals, but that’s fine because they’re going to land a top-tier QB in the draft and turn right around. Culture and coaching are good. Talent is the last piece to the puzzle, but that takes the longest.

30. Denver Broncos (30)

  • The Denver Broncos continue to make Sean Peyton look like a donkey. This time he lost to a coach that he trashed this offseason. Yes, I’m looking at you, Nathaniel Hackett. Dance on the Broncos’ grave. Peyton looks like he came out of retirement a year too early, and they’re already auctioning off veteran defenders, and it’s a bad scene in Denver.

31. New York Giants (30)

  • The New York Giants are an absolute dumpster fire, but I’m a little more excited to see them play with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. He can manipulate the pocket and scramble to throw better than Daniel Jones. He’s also not as robotic. It might be the antidote this team needs to get some momentum.

32. Carolina Panthers (32)

  • What a rough year for the Carolina Panthers so far. They’re the only team without a win and most likely about to be blown out by the Dolphins. Head Coach Frank Reich and ownership seem to be at odds over who they wanted to draft at #1. Reich wanted C.J. Stroud, and ownership wanted Bryce Young. They’re at least on the same page waiting to see what Young n do with a number one receiver. Bryce Young could be good, but they need to get him a good offensive line and another weapon.

Let us know in the comments how you would rank the Dolphins, and the rest of the NFL teams, or tweet me on X @saba12_.