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Week 5’s Unsung Hero Of The Week

A lot of Dolphins to choose from, but this player quietly had a dominant game.

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

Let’s just keep this win in perspective. The New York Giants are the worst team in the NFL, plain and simple. The Giants have the worst offensive line in the league, which has crumbled the offense from inside out.

Daniel Jones is what 99.9% of football people and fans thought he was, which is a forty-million-dollar fraud. The 0.01% is the Giants thought he was a franchise quarterback and are now regretting every decision they made in the offseason besides signing tight end Darren Waller and star defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence to a long-term contract.

That being said, an NFL team is an NFL team, and anyone can win on Sunday. There are no lookover games in the NFL, so let’s bring the spotlight back to the guys that stood out on the Miami Dolphins.

De’Von Achane went nuts in limited touches and is on his way to being elite faster than his footspeed. Tyreek Hill went for 8/181, 1 TD, and could be the MVP almost every week, but that’s not what this article is about. I want to shout out Eli Apple because he led the team in tackles with nine, and that’s hard to do from the cornerback spot.

The week 5 “Unsung Hero Of The Week” - Zach Sieler

So far this year, the Miami Dolphins have been getting beat up in the trenches on defense. Teams have been able to run all over us, and the Dolphins have not generated much pressure outside of Andrew Van Ginkel. We could make the excuse that Jaelen Phillips hasn’t been playing, but when you have Sieler, Wilkins, Van Ginkel, and Chubb as your 4-man pass rush, results are expected. That changed on Sunday.

Zach Sieler was everywhere in the run game. The Giants could not run the ball up the middle in the beginning, middle, or end. It was just not there. Sieler was there waiting to shed blockers and gobble up tackles. It wasn’t just in the running game. He was getting pressure on Daniel Jones all day and led the team with two sacks and three QB hits. To quote @houtz, Sieler was a menace!

As you can see, Zach Sieler dominated the line of scrimmage, resulting in seven total tackles and three tackles for losses. The Dolphins desperately need to see more of that going forward. Defensive tackle dominance is rarely in the scope of who had the most impact on the game especially when your running mate is Christian Wilkins, who coincidentally also dominated on Sunday This article finds those little gems that get left unnoticed.

Not only did Zach Sieler win this week's unsung hero award, he was also mic’d up. Here’s a little tasty treat in case you missed it.

Unsung Hero Tracker

Week 1 - WR Braxton Berrios

Week 4 - CB Xavien Howard

Week 5 - DT Zach Sieler

There you have it. Zach Sieler has won this week's “Unsung Hero Of The Week.” It’s refreshing to see the defensive line have a dominant performance. The Dolphins need the trenches to keep building their confidence because a massive test is coming in two weeks against the Philadelphia Eagles, and the trenches are their bread-and-butter.

Let us know in the comments or tweet me @saba12_ if you agreed or who you think should’ve won this weeks award.