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Jets vs. Dolphins final score, immediate reactions for Week 18 as Miami makes the playoffs

The Miami Dolphins host the New York Jets in the finale for the 2022 regular season. Can Miami avoid a season sweep and potentially land themselves in the postseason? We react throughout the game.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins host the New York Jets this afternoon, hoping to send a five-game losing streak, avoid a season sweep at the hands of the Jets, and potentially position themselves for a playoff berth. The Jets, who were eliminated from the playoffs last week, are looking to play spoilers while ending their own five-game losing streak. An AFC East showdown to end the season is always fun, and there are plenty of stakes on the line today.

Both teams come into this game with their third-string quarterbacks starting. For the Dolphins, Skylar Thompson, a rookie seventh-round pick, is starting for the second time this year, while the Jets’ Joe Flacco returns to the lineup after starting the first three games of the year. How will this all shake out? We will keep up with all of the action, and provide our immediate reactions, right here throughout the game.

Live Score Updates

Jets 6 - 11 Dolphins

First Quarter Reactions

Miami started with the ball, turning to running back Raheem Mostert on the first two plays. Mostert picked up six yards and two yards on the runs before quarterback Skylar Thompson found wide receiver Tyreek Hill for eight yards and a first down. Mostert picked up seven yards on the next play, then converted for the first down with a three-yard run, getting the ball out to midfield. After a pass attempt was batted down at the line of scrimmage, Thompson threw to tight end Mike Gesicki in the flat, picking up three yards. On 3rd-and-7, a false start on the Dolphins backed Miami into a 3rd-and-13, with Thompson throwing a bubble screen to wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, who picked up seven yards. Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley was injured making the tackle on Waddle. On the 4th-and-5 play from the Jets’ 44-yard line, the Dolphins turned the ball over on downs as Thompson was flushed from the pocket and had to throw away the pass just before he was pushed out of bounds.

The Dolphins started with the running game, and they need to keep that going. Feed Mostert and Jeff Wilson, Jr., all day and make the Jets prove they can stop it. With Thompson at quarterback, Miami cannot afford long-yardage situations, hoping a seventh-round rookie making his second start of the year is going to make magic to save the offense. They also cannot afford the penalties. Not the start to the game the Dolphins wanted, but it was not bad either. Now the defense has to step up with the Jets starting near midfield.

New York started with a two-yard run from running back Michael Carter. Quarterback Joe Flacco threw incomplete on second down, but converted the 3rd-and-8 play on a 15-yard pass to wide receiver Elijah Moore. At the Miami 39-yard line, the Jets backed up to the 43 with a four-yard loss on a run from running back Ty Johnson as defensive lineman Zach Sieler and safety Eric Rowe met Johnson in the backfield. Flacco felt the pressure from linebacker Jaelan Phillips on the next two plays, leading to a one-yard catch from Johnson and an incomplete pass and a Jets punt.

The defense did exactly what they needed to do. Giving the Jets the ball at midfield was a scary proposition, but the defense stepped up. If Phillips, Sieler, and Rowe are going to be this active, the Dolphins should have a good defensive day. The punt was great, however, starting Miami at the two-yard line.

Starting at their own two-yard line, Miami picked up some breathing room with a four-yard run from running back Jeff Wilson, Jr., followed by another two-yard run. Thompson was flushed from the pocket on 3rd-and-4, rolling to his right and keeping the play alive long enough to find Hill for 15 yards. Wilson then ran for 12 yards. Miami moved across midfield with a 26-yard pass from Thompson to tight end Durham Smythe, but then loss 22 yards when center Connor Williams snapped the ball before Thompson was ready, with the ball flying past the quarterback. Mostert picked up six yards on 2nd-and-33, followed by a three-yard gain on a screen to wide receiver Erik Ezukanma. Miami was forced to punt.

The self-inflicted wounds will kill the Dolphins in this game if they do not get them under control immediately. Thompson looked like he was settling in and getting into a rhythm, only to have the snap essentially end the drive. They cannot afford that. Ezukanma’s reception was the first of his career.

The Jets ran running back Zonovan Knight for three yards and one yard on the first two plays of the drive, leading to the end of the quarter.

Miami’s defense is standing up to the Jets right now. They need to keep it up while the offense figures out some things.

Second Quarter Reactions

Flacco threw to wide receiver Garrett Wilson for five yards on the 3rd-and-6 play, with defensive back Keion Crossen closing immediately to make the tackle and prevent the first down. The Jets were forced to punt.

Good three-and-out defensive stand for the Dolphins. Great reactions from Crossen to get there and make the immediate tackle.

Miami looked for the deep shot on first down, but the play did not materialize and Thompson was forced to dump the pass to Mostert who picked up a yard. A second-down run from Mostert only picked up a yard, setting up a 3rd-and-8. Thompson targeted Hill on the third-down play, but the two could not connect and Miami was forced to punt on the three-and-out drive.

The first down play could have been a deep connection with Hill, who was open for a second, but Thompson held the ball not quite sure about the throw. After that, there were not a lot of options on the drive. Hill versus cornerback Sauce Gardner should be a fun matchup all day.

New York looked deep on the first play, but the pass was incomplete. Flacco was able to connect with wide receiver Corey Davis for a 17-yard gain on the next play. After a Knight run for a yard, Flacco looked toward Wilson, with cornerback Kader Kohou breaking up the pass. Flacco again looked deep on 3rd-and-9, with Phillips again getting the pressure leading to an early throw and an incomplete pass. Kicker Greg Zuerlein missed the 55-yard field goal attempt.

The defense continues to do what they need to do to bottle up the Jets’ offense. Phillips is a beast right now. Kohou played that pass perfectly, leaping to knock it away from Wilson. Now, the offense has to settle down and get some points on the board.

Wilson lost a yard on the first down run, with Thompson’s hard count able to draw the Jets offside on the next play. With the free five yards, Miami picked up five yards on a Wilson run, setting up 3rd-and-1. Wilson then burst through the line for 11 yards to keep the Miami drive alive. Wilson picked up another three yards on the next snap, then ran for four yards on second down. On 3rd-and-3, Thompson scrambled and found Waddle for 11 yards and a first down, with Waddle fighting through a hold by Gardner to make the catch. Mostert was stopped for a three-yard loss on the next play, before Thompson tried to find tight end Mike Gesicki at the goal line, but the pass fell incomplete. After a screen pass to Wilson was stopped for no gain, Miami settled for a 37-yard field goal by kicker Jason Sanders. Dolphins 3-0.

Okay, that was not the touchdown drive that it could have been, but Miami is on the board and the defense is dominating right now. The Bills are leading the Patriots 14-7 right now, so the Dolphins are in playoff position right now.

New York started with a one-yard run from Knight, followed by an incomplete pass from Flacco. After trading an offsides penalty and a false start penalty, on 3rd-and-9, Flacco found Johnson for 12 yards and a first down. On the next play, Flacco threw short to Wilson, who bounced off tackles and somehow picked up 36 yards. A Johnson run for three yards was followed by a two-yard run from Knight, leading to the Two-Minute Warning. Flacco was pressured immediately up the middle on the 3rd-and-5 play, somehow getting the ball to tight end Tyler Conklin for six yards and a first down. After a Miami timeout, Michael Carter was pushed out of bounds after a one-yard run. A screen pass to Michael Carter lost five yards for the Jets, with Miami again calling timeout. Knight ran for five yards, setting up a field goal attempt for the Jets. After the Dolphins used their final timeout, New York kicked a tying field goal. Tied 3-3.

Miami’s defense has been playing well, but when you have five players miss a tackle leading to a 36-yard gain, that is hard to overcome. The defense needs to have that be the only mistake they make. The Dolphins used their timeouts to try to put together a scoring drive with 1:35 remaining in the half. Now they have to do it.

Miami started the drive at their own 25-yard line, with Gesicki fighting his way forward for a nine-yard reception. Thompson then found Waddle for 15 yards before throwing away the pass. On a Jets blitz on second down, Thompson was sacked for a 12-yard loss. Miami elected to go to the half after the sack.

The no-huddle offense looked like it was going to have success, but the sack ended that idea.

Halftime Reactions

The Dolphins defense is doing enough to keep the team in the game - if they make their tackles. The offense looks like an offense trying to find a rhythm with a third-string, rookie quarterback at the helm. Pretty much, this looks exactly like you would expect, especially when you add in the Jets are playing their third-string quarterback as well.

Miami looked like they wanted to be aggressive on the opening drive, going for it on fourth down, but they have settled into a conservative scheme now. Both teams look like they are more interested in not making a mistake than they are attacking the other defense. That might be the right decision, but it is making it a rough game to watch. The Dolphins need to put some pressure on the Jets, especially on their offense, to make them prove they want to win this game.

Mike McDaniel needs to settle down Thompson and they need to get rid of the mistakes. Miami is in this, and they are in the playoff picture. They need to put it away.

Third Quarter Reactions

The Jets started with the ball in the second half, with Knight starting the possession with a two-yard run. After a Flacco incomplete pass and a Jets timeout, Flacco threw to Conklin for seven yards, coming up just short of the first down marker. The Jets punted on the three-and-out drive.

Good start from the defense. Now can the offense get moving?

Miami began the drive with a jet sweep from Waddle, picking up nine yards. Then Mostert ran up the middle for two yards and the first down. Thompson threw to Smythe, who carried D.J. Reed for a nine-yard gain. Mostert then ran through some defenders to turn a short run into a 14-yard carry. Then backed that up with an 11-yard gain. Wilson picked up two yards on the next play, getting to the Jets’ 44-yard line. Wilson then picked up another three yards, setting up 3rd-and-5. Thompson was forced to throw away the pass on the third-down play, avoiding a sack. Miami brought out Sanders for a 59-yard attempt, with the Jets having to burn their second timeout after they expected a punt and had their return team on the field. After the timeout, Miami brought the offense back out onto the field, picking up the first down on a pitch to Wilson for eight yards. The Dolphins were called for a delay of game penalty on the next play, then Smythe picked up four yards on a short reception. The Dolphins broke out a counter, end-around for Mostert on the next play, with the running back again running through defenders to pick up 21 yards. Mostert lost 11 yards on a pop-pass from Thompson the next play as no one blocked John Franklin-Myers off the end of the line. Thompson found wide receiver River Cracraft on the next play, picking up five yards. Thompson, as he was being sacked, threw deep down the sideline to Hill, but the ball fell incomplete and Miami settled for another field goal. Dolphins 6-3.

Miami has to find the endzone at some point, but coming away with points there could be huge. The field goal pushes Miami back into the lead and back into the playoffs. The Patriots are currently tied with the Bills, which would be enough for the Dolphins to make the postseason.

The Jets started with a 16-yard pass from Flacco to Wilson, with Knight picking up five yards on the next play. After Knight was stopped for no gain, Wilson picked up five yards on a reception. Flacco threw to Wilson for 10 yards on the first down play, with a potential fumble recovered by Miami, but a challenge proved the play was correctly ruled and the Jets kept the ball. A Flacco pass to Wilson for 12 yards was followed by a Johnson run for two yards. Flacco went back to Wilson for 11 yards, moving the ball to the Miami 34-yard line. Michael Carter ran for no gain on the next play, leading to the end of the third quarter.

The Dolphins need to break up this Flacco to Wilson connection. Things are falling their way. They cannot afford to allow this to slip away from them.

Fourth Quarter Reactions

Flacco threw to tight end Jeremy Ruckert for eight yards after the break, then Knight converted the 3rd-and-1 with a three-yard run. Knight was blown up in the backfield by Phillips and Rowe for a two-yard loss. Safety Jevon Holland blitzed on the next snap, forcing an early throw from Flacco for an incomplete pass. The Jets were then called for a false start, setting up a 3rd-and-17 from the Dolphins’ 29-yard line. Johnson picked up 12 yards on the run, setting up another field goal from the Jets. Tied 6-6.

Miami kept the Jets out of the endzone, which is a positive. They gave up too many yards, though.

Miami looked to respond, starting with a pass to Hill for five yards, but an illegal shift negated the play and backed Miami up to the 15-yard line. Thompson threw to Wilson in the flat for a two-yard gain, with cornerback Sauce Gardner injured on the play as he made the tackle. Thompson appeared to look deep for Hill on the next play, with the ball floating in the air and somehow Gesicki came down with it for a 32-yard gain. After a Wilson run for two yards and an incomplete pass in the flat toward Smythe, Thompson avoided a sack with a pitch forward to Gesicki for two yards. Miami tackle Brandon Shell was injured on the play. On 4th-and-6, Miami punted down to the Jets’ 11-yard line.

The Dolphins could have used the score there, but the punt makes sense. The defense is dominating, let them go out there, make a stop, and get the ball back for the offense.

An incomplete pass on first down, with cornerback Xavien Howard covering the play perfectly, was followed by no gain from Knight on the second down play, with the running back fumbling and recovering the ball. On 3rd-and-10, Flacco was flushed from the pocket, back into the endzone, and found Wilson for 11 yards and a first down. After an incomplete pass and a pass interference penalty on Kohou, the Jets were suddenly up to midfield and putting pressure on Miami’s defense. A run for a one-yard loss from Johnson and an incomplete pass were followed by a nine-yard pass from Flacco to Wilson, with the Jets rushing forward to try to covert on first down; Miami challenged the play, however, and Mike McDaniel finally had a successful challenge as the play was ruled an incomplete pass. The Jets punted.

A successful challenge from McDaniel! First one all year. The Dolphins did just enough to hold the Jets out of a scoring opportunity. Can the Dolphins score and put this away?

Miami started with an incomplete pass, the Wilson ran for 16 yards and gave the team some breathing room out at the 26-yard line. A one-yard run from Wilson was followed by two incomplete passes and Miami punted.

Ouch. The Bills are taking care of the Patriots now, so the playoffs are there for Miami. They need a win or a tie here.

The drive started with an intentional grounding penalty on Flacco on the first play, leading to a 14-yard loss and a loss of downs. On 2nd-and-24, Michael Carter picked up six yards on a pass from Flacco. On 3rd-and-18, Kohou tackled Wilson after a short pass and run for six yards. The Jets had to punt.

Okay, the defense did its job. Now the Dolphins need points.

Thompson scrambled for two yards on the first down play, then found Waddle, who came back to catch the pass for a nine-yard gain and a first down. After a broken play the was supposed to be a handoff turned into a Thompson run for one yard, the clock reached the Two-Minute Warning. Thompson threw shot to Waddle for two yards, with a horse collar tackle adding 15 yards and a first down to the play. Wilson picked up one yard on the next play, with running back Salvon Ahmed then picked up seven yards on 2nd-and-9, with the Jets calling their last timeout. On 3rd-and-2, Wilson was stopped for a one-yard loss. Sanders connected from 50 yards out to give Miami the lead again. Dolphins 9-6.

The Dolphins are back in playoff position. This win looks like it is going to put the Dolphins in the postseason.

Flacco looked deep to Wilson on first down, with Howard breaking up the pass. Flacco again looked deep to Wilson on the second play, with Howard again breaking up the pass. On the final play of the game, the Jets attempted several laterals, eventually leading to a tackle in the endzone and a Miami safety. Dolphins 11-6.

Immediate Reactions


Reactions complete for now.