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Not Much Love For Boyer From The Miami Dolphins Faithful

Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the Phinsider faithful a question, which Miami Dolphins coaches should be worried? I pointed out that while the team has looked like the best team in the NFL at times it has also looked like one of the worst at times. The offense was up and down sort of following the health of our starting quarterback. The defense was not up to par given what we have seen in recent years and the huge wealth of talent that we possess on that side of the ball even with the rash of injuries. Then there's special teams, they were just awful this season. So as with last week, I will highlight some of the comments from the Phinsider faithful.

dedstrk316 points out the rumor that by now many of us have seen. Not sure what to make of it but it is out there-

There’s a report from Salguero out there that if they lose to the Jets EVERYBODY’S job is at risk. It’s on Twitter but I don’t have that so if somebody can post it. Via Fins Talk Sports Network. Maybe it’s fake? Never know these days.

Icsonka39 points out what it probably the most obvious choice if someone’s head rolls this offseason-

I think Boyer is probably the hottest seat - and I am unsure of exactly what the relationship is like given some of the comments in the media about how (un)involved McDaniel is. That is typically not a great sign - otherwise, I would say that we should give him some benefit of the doubt given the number of injuries in the secondary. Also, think can continue to develop coaches as well as players - but if they are Flores guys may be an offseason clearing up.

TheMiamiUte in his response to dedsttrk316 covered a lot of ground about coaches, players, and even the general manager-

Questions About Dolphins Abound

Miami Dolphins

If they win their season finale and sneak into the playoffs, owner Stephen Ross might look the other way on those five consecutive December-January losses because it will feel more like a skid than a collapse. But … If the Dolphins go from 8-3 to 8-9 and not in the playoffs? Everybody’s job is at risk. General manager Chris Grier made a dozen bold moves in 2022 and taking a step backward and out of the playoffs again was nowhere near what Ross expected. The quarterback Grier drafted is not durable. Bradley Chubb, whom Grier added in trade, has not delivered. And the many first-round picks Grier had lead to one question: Where’s the payoff? First-year coach Mike McDaniel is great guy. But what happened to rallying the team late in the year? To stopping the bleeding? And what makes him a better choice than making another run at Sean Payton? If McDaniel survives, there’s no guarantee for defensive coordinator Josh Boyer, according to a club source. Aaron Rodgers said the Dolphins are a team “I’d like to play for as well.” Finally, the Dolphins have to make a decision on Tua Tagovailoa. Are they willing to run it back with him as the starter when he’s been unable to stay healthy? And let’s just say Aaron Rodgers really meant what he said two weeks ago about playing in Miami … If that is serious, Ross will be intrigued.

Alpha6 attempts to bring some “Johnny logic” to the debate-

Same chit, different year. Replacing a coach is tricky unless there’s a clear-cut-above-genius available/willing to take the job over the incumbent. Same with players. Easy to me to call panty-waste on a some... QB-Teddy/Tua, Safety-Jones, any o-lineman, etc. Fragile as peanut-brittle. Probably milking it too. How to replace players with 3 picks in each of the next 2 drafts lolol? Idk diddly-squat... so I shake my head, say fetch off Dolphins, and look to the real values/heroes in life. Cause it sure ain’t in sports... where millionaires play against millionaires... coached by millionaires... owned by billionaires and................ I’m not gonna get emotional over such dog crap. But I am laughing at the QB signing (:

Luvs2drnk2.0 is very detailed about whose heads he would like to see roll and why-

The coaches I would like to see replaced are Boyer (DC), Campanile (LB), Ferentz (Ass. LB), McKenzie (OLB), Crossman (ST), Farrel (Asst. ST), Allen (Asst. ST), and Embree (Asst. HC/TE). Defense just hasn’t had any dominant performances. Only one game where we held the opponent to less than 10 points. Only 3 games where we had more than 1 TO (30th in the NFL). While we’re 29th in penalties, we’re 2nd in most penalties resulting in a first down. Linebacker corps have their momentary flashes but overall have been a liability in being able to cover RBs, TEs, and scrambling QBs. Justin Fields ran for 178 yards against us. That’s more than our ENTIRE team could manage in all but TWO games. Special teams have just been meh. Neither Mostert or Wilson seem genuinely trying to actually try and break a big run. Both of them tend to run right at the coverage. Tight Ends... Do we even have any TEs on the team? Oh right, we got a massively talented one named Mike Gesicki. Yet for some reason, they can’t teach this guy how to block over the course of OTAs, minicamp, preseason, and 16 regular season games. Maybe he just can’t pick it up, but that still doesn’t explain how as a whole, the entire position group only has contributed 40 catches, for 406 yards, and 6 TDs. And let’s be real, that was just Gesicki and Smythe. Hunter Long, Cethan Carter, and Tanner Conner have contributed a grand total of 3 targets, and nothing else.

daytonadolfan was short and sweet and to the point-

Evening, Boyer, S.T. coach, and whoever is the conditioning coach!

Pinkfish54 seems to be ready for another teardown and rebuild-

All of them. Coaching is the reason we might not make playoffs. Also Grier. That draft class in 2020 when we had three firsts is atrocious!!!!

Molly Polly II takes exception with a Dolphins legend and then the entire defense-

Boyer and Sam Madison. I am extremely disappointed in Sam cuz he was once Dolphins finest DBs…..but now he’s coaching our “under performing” DBs. They obviously are not reading the receivers eyes, our DBs must play the ball!!! I get it some passing plays can’t be defended but we have entirely too many penalties. Boyer….uhhhhg….we have a LB on a WR on goal line coverage….if I were him I would fire myself!

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