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Phinsider Open Thread: Whats Next For McDaniel?

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

The season is not yet over and the rumors have already begun to swirl. One of the things that seem to happen to you when you work on a Miami Dolphins website for multiple years is that you seem to get a notification for every single thing that comes along that concerns the Miami Dolphins. Sometimes it's so many notifications on the same subject it's overwhelming or at the very least very annoying. “Yeah, I get it we cut ......, now please stop blowing up my phone!” So this morning I was surprised to get not one but three notifications from three different media outlets stating that the collapse seen by the Miami Dolphins may very well cost Mike McDaniel his job at the end of this season.

I don’t know about you but I see a defensive staff that needs to be upgraded at the top and possibly down that line as well and something must be done about the special teams because just no! As far as McDaniel, if I was the one with the trigger in my hand he stays, be given whatever he wants within reason, and be allowed to continue to grow into the position. I personally have thus far been impressed with McDaniel even when I didn’t always agree with every choice he made throughout the season. But this post is not about my opinion of the current coaching staff and I won't sit here and go through all the reasons I am all in on McDaniel going forward as this is your post.

So the question tonight is if you had the final say would you be inclined to move on from McDaniel after the season? Would you possibly hold your decision on his employment until you see if he manages to get this team to the playoffs or does that not matter either way? Are you all in on McDaniel no matter what or all out on McDaniel no matter what?

Please give us your thoughts and why you might lean one way or another in the comments section below-

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