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Who’s Your Choice At Backup QB For 2023?

NFL: JAN 01 Dolphins at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Every offseason there will be a list of improvements to the roster that the fans want and the team more than likely needs. This past season’s edition of the Miami Dolphins is no different as there were many areas of the team exposed throughout the season. Even given the multiple spots that need or could use an upgrade, there is still the fact that the biggest roadblock for this edition of the team was the lack of a serviceable quarterback once Tua went down.

Teddy did okay in spurts but was very underwhelming. Thompson seemed to get better with each game in the last three games that he started and he deserves to remain on this roster at least IMHO. Thompson, while he did not turn into Brock Purdy did show progression in his final three games and is a player that the team should hold onto and continue to develop but he’s not ready to lead the team for weeks if Tua goes down again. So the question is, assuming, as most Phins fans have already done, that Teddy is gone next season then who do we get? What free-agent quarterback, who would actually come here to be the backup, would you most like to see the Dolphins front office go after and sign at the new backup quarterback for 2023 and perhaps beyond?

For a complete list of quarterbacks that will be free agents this coming offseason please click HERE. Please remember that this is a complete list meaning there are some names on this list that are either A. Not going to sign anywhere to back up anyone or B. Will most likely be re-signed by their current team.

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