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Phinsider Open Thread: Which Miami Dolphins Coaches Should Be Worried?

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Being a Miami Dolphins fan is a function of wash, rinse, and repeat at some point for every one of us. The Phins are a bad team again so we fire everyone or at least the head coach, then hire the next new exciting head coach, maybe even a new GM, new coaching staff, add this or that free agent, and draft the next greatest ..... ever, do well for a bit, crash and burn and then do it all over again. As someone who has been on this ride as long as anyone, I do think that lack of patience at the top has been part of the problem, meaning maybe there was a coach, or perhaps an interim head coach that we should have stood by for a while to see what he would give us and the same could be said about certain players. Nothing hurts like cutting a young player to only see them go on to star elsewhere because our staff could not figure out how to coach the kid up or sometimes just had zero ideas on how to use them. Sometimes I feel like too much patience at times with certain players and staff or a general manager has hurt this team.

Whatever your point of view on the years of pain I think that we call all agree that while this season's version of the Dolphins has looked as amazing and exciting as we have seen in many years we also saw some of the glaring holes in this team resulting in more pain for all of us. The holes can be a lack of talent in a position or in some cases, where we all know that we clearly have a ton of talent but lack the production from a player or group of players may be the blame falls to the coaching staff be it in the scheme they are running, their ability to coach the scheme well or maybe the lack of understanding the best way to use the talents of certain players. Injuries, especially at the quarterback position, cannot be overlooked for some of the blame but this team has too much talent to struggle as it does at times.

None of us know what will happen this week. Maybe this team loses and sits home another year during the playoffs. Maybe we win and everything else works out and we go to the playoffs for the first time in forever. Maybe once there we surprise a few people. Either way, I don’t think that any of us think that we can go into next year without some changes. Be it players or coaches some are going to need to go and be replaced this offseason in my opinion.

So tonight's question is if you were one of the coaches on the Miami Dolphins staff which ones should be worried in your opinion? Which coaches do you believe will be replaced?

Give us your thoughts in the comments section below-

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