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Much Of The Phinsider Faithful Remain On The Same Page With Who They Would Like To See Gone (mostly)

SPORTS-FBN-COTE-COLUMN-MI David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

This past Monday we asked the question, “Who has to go?” More specifically we wanted to know which players need to be off this roster and replaced/upgraded or who were just so horrible they must never don another Phins Jersey as long as they may least not on the field in an actual Miami Dolphins game. So some of our faithful chimed in with their choices to be shed from this team-

SuperG! gets us kicked off with what I think will be a popular choice-

That’s a tough one and I really had to think about it. Most of the players I really wanted gone are already gone like Chase Edmonds. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be Teddy, but it doesn’t matter because he’s already as good as gone.

23kyd agreed with SuperG but added another choice that I believe will be popular among the list of players that fans want gone-

B. Jones with Teddy being a really close runner up. Some of these people trash talking C Wilson aren’t viewing his season with any context. The pretense opening this thread, is which player do you have a truly sour attitude towards. Love them or hate em, we have a meddling owner with a sycophant for a GM. There were times this season that our HC appeared to be playing to an audience of one. He was given two Porches and needed to prove Tua isn’t a bust by featuring them. Enough trash talking Wilson. For all the talk of players screwing us, we’re quick to forget the people our organization has treated like dirt.

21Dave believes that Jones is gone as well along with some others and might like a trade of a big name-

Who has to go….. well the list can be short or long but it will come down to restructuring certain players and how much the can get that way. I would say Jones is gone, Carter is gone and very possible Baker. Unless we can get a sick trade for X as well.

AussieFin seems to be, for the most part, in agreement with a lot of the other site members-

Teddy, Jones & Ced Wilson really have to go. Gesicki is not a good fit and will probably go. Gaskin is another. Little is gone if we are serious about the competition. Our LB corps are bad, so take your pick there

Wildfin22 was short and to the point-

My list Teddy, Sanders,Wilson,Roberts

TheRoo1 was not as short and to the point but did add some real thought for what might or might not happen down the road that he applied to his takes-

Who is gone is also going to be impacted by who/what the want to do in this years draft. We have a second and two thirds, I would expect a TE for McD, A LB for the new DC, and that other third to either be a DB or an O lineman. The 6th and 7th round picks, will likely be whoever they feel is the best player left. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of draft pick trades to gain picks. We only have 5 picks this year and next. Teddy I believe is gone, whichever of Dalton or Flaccid is more into golf will come here the cheapest and will become the emergency b/u. Long gets a hard look at replacing G until a rookie comes up. LB’s Goode and Tindall get hard looks as well. EzyE gets Ced Wilson’s slot early, Craycraft and Sherfield have created their spots. Carter and Shaheen are gone, Gascan leaves, and probably an undrafted rookie or two come in. The rest of the second tier guys will be a lot of churning to see what cream tries to rise to the top.

finfanfromsiam is another believer in the most popular player that fans want gone-

Ship CB Jones for sure!

Bill Moody, like most, is hoping for a better backup quarterback in 2023-

Player wise it has to be Teddy Bridgewater. That guy was not helpful to the team at all this season. He’s the embodiment of the past 20 years of Miami Dolphins football... Hyped up (to give hope) combined with mediocre at best play and often injured. BOOT!

ElPasoPhinFan has a list that matches a lot of others-

Byron Jones, Gaskins, Gesicki (just doesn’t fit the offense and expensive), Ced Wilson (decent player, but too pricey for the low targets, like Gesicki he’s better off somewhere else for both sides), ILB unit (Baker likely stays, coaches love him but the rest are gone. LB needs a big infusion of talent).

Jef1651 doesn't want to clean house per say but he’s got one hell of a long list-

Bridgewater, Dieter, Eguavoen, Fejedelem, Lamm, Little, Gaskin, Lovett, and Shaheen should be traded/cut. Byron Jones is a keeper IF he genuinely didn’t play due to injury (which I kinda doubt). Gesicki should go ONLY if Grier is going to sign a REALLY good blocking TE (if not, they need to keep Gesicki and find a way to justify his salary in the offensive scheme). We need to upgrade LB through free agency and depending on who we get, Riley (coverage) or Roberts (run) gotta go. Jackson, Long and Iggy get one more year to impress

Seemed to be a lot of agreement on certain players so for the sake of peace in the Dolphins fan world on Twitter/Facebook and the Phinsider I hope those guys are gone and upgraded or switched out for a better fit for what the team is now trying to accomplish on both offense and defense.

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